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Aimee Semple McPherson


October 9, 1890


Born in Salford, Ontario


September, 1896


Enrolled at No. 3 Dereham Public School




Wins gold medal in public speaking contest sponsored by Women's Christian Temperance Union


September, 1905


Enters Ingersoll Collegiate Institute (high school)


July 18, 1906


Publishers letter concerning evolution in Family Herald and Weekly Star


December, 1907


Meets evangelist Robert Semple


February, 1908


Is converted, receives baptism in the Spirit and speaks in tongues


August 12, 1908


Marries Robert Semple in Salford


March, 1910


Gives first sermon in Victoria and Albert Hall, London


June, 1910


Arrives in Hong Kong


August 17, 1910


Robert Semple dies in Hong Kong


September 17, 1910


Roberta Star born in Hong Kong


November, 1910


Returns to New York


February 28, 1912


Marries Harold McPherson in Chicago


March 23, 1913


Rolf McPherson born in Providence, R.I.


August, 1915


Holds first independent revival meeting in Mount Forest, Ontario


Winter, 1916-1917


First preaching tour of Florida


June 1, 1917


Begins publication of The Bridal Call


Summer of 1917


Preaches in Long Branch, Long Island and Boston


Winter, 1917-1918


Second Florida tour: Miami, Key West


July 21, 1918


Nationwide camp meeting, Philadelphia


October 23, 1918


Begins first transcontinental tour


December 23, 1918


Arrives in Los Angeles


October, 1919


Publishes This is That


December 8-21, 1919


The Baltimore revival


Spring of 1920


Washington, D.C. and Dayton, Ohio revivals


January, 1921


The San Diego revival


February, 1921


Groundbreaking for Angelus Temple


March 27, 1921


Ordained by First Baptist Church of San Jose


New Year's, 1923


Angelus Temple dedicated


February, 1924


Radio KFSG started


December 7, 1925


Opening of L.I.F.E. Bible College


May 18, 1926


Reported missing after swim at Ocean Park


June 23, 1926


Walks in from desert at Agua Prieta and tells story of kidnapping


September 16, 1926


With Minnie Kennedy, Lorraine Wiseman, and Kenneth Ormiston, charged with corruption of morals and obstruction of justice


January 10, 1927


All charges dismissed


January-March, 1927


Her "Vindication Tour"


August, 1927


Opening of Angelus Temple Commissary


October 20, 1927


James Kennedy dies


October, 1927


Publishes In the Service of the King


October 7-18, 1928


English tour


Spring, 1930


Tour of the Holy Land


August, 1930


Nervous breakdown


September 13, 1931


Marries David Hutton


November, 1931


Opens first soup kitchen


Summer, 1932


Contracts tropical fever


April, 1933


Produces her first opera, The Crimson Road


September, 1933 - December, 1934


Last national tour


January, 1934


Divorces David Hutton




Give Me My Own God published


December, 1936


Production of her opera Regem Adorate


April 13, 1937


Her attorney sued for slander by Roberta Star


Summer of 1941


Tours Tennessee, Missouri, Ohio


September 27, 1944


Dies in Oakland


October 9, 1944


Buried in Los Angeles