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Aimee Semple McPherson


During a tent meeting, a lamp exploded in Aimee's face, covering her with flames. She quickly plunged her head in a bucket of water, but not before blisters developed on her neck and face. The tent was full, so Aimee exited behind it, being in great pain. One of the hecklers in the service jumped on the platform and yelled, "The lady who preaches divine healing has been hurt. She burned her face, so there will be no meeting tonight."

Hearing him, Aimee furiously rushed in through the tent flaps and leapt on the platform. She was in agony, but sat at the piano and cried out, "I praise the Lord who heals me and takes all the pain away!" Within two or three stanzas of the song, the crowd witnessed a miracle: Aimee's face went from lobster red to the color of normal flesh! The blisters were gone!

Once Aimee's son, Rolf was playing barefoot in the grass when he deeply cut his foot on a hidden rake. When Aimee learned of the incident, she quickly rushed to Rolf and carried him to his cot inside the tent. Aimee bent down and held his bloody foot, praying for God to heal it. Almost immediately, Rolf fell asleep.

Many hours later, Rolf was awakened by the distant roar of the masses in the tent meeting. Seeing the blood stains on his bed, he quickly sat up and grabbed his foot. Looking at the foot where the rake had deeply pierced, there was no sight of a wound. Thinking he had looked at the wrong foot, he grabbed the other - but it was also smooth. His little foot had been totally healed!