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"Welsh Revivalist"

This young boy-preacher from the coal mines of southern Wales had an unmistakable dispensation of world wide revival given to him. But because of his inexperience, limited revelation and demonic control, this incredible ministry was cut short long before its time. When mighty revival came through the leadership of Evan Roberts, the great dignified preachers of England and Wales were forced to sit at the feet of crude, hardworking miners to see the wonderful works of God. Evan Roberts was a great revivalist who held the keys of spiritual awakening. He pioneered a tremendous move of the Spirit of God in Wales. However, forty years later not a trace of this revival could be found in his homeland; it remained as only a memory in the hearts of those who experienced it.

refused to be photographed.

destroyed the religious format of his day by walking up and down
the aisles, laughing, crying and personally ministering to individuals.

in just two years spread revival throughout Wales, causing nations
to flock to their country and receive a touch from God.

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