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"The Man of Reckless Faith"

Jack Coe was considered a radical evangelist because he, along with others, was doing much to combat racial prejudice in the Church. At a time when society was calling for segregation, Coe strongly encouraged all races and cultures of the community to participate in his meeting.

One of the great things about Jack Coe, is that he never allowed his past to hold him back. His past might have influenced his attitude, but it never stopped him or caused him to withdraw. Hard times built an awareness in Jack of a need for deliverance. He knew that he could not depend on others to find it for him. He was a fighter. As a result, Coe was hurled headfirst into his place as one of the leaders in the Voice of Healing revival. He had the kind of "independence" that it takes to keep you on the cutting edge.

first worked in a church as the janitor.

looked in the telephone book for a church to attend, and chose
the first one his finger landed on.

was raised in an orphanage.

had a revival tent larger than the Ringling Brothers' Circus Tent.









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