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         Jacob stole the blessing that should have been his brother Esau's. Esau was so angry, he wanted to kill Jacob. Out in the wilderness, frightened and lonely, Jacob fell asleep. In his dream he saw a ladder stretching from heaven to earth with angels going up and down. At the top stood God. He spoke to Jacob. "I am the Lord of your father and your grandfather. I am with you. I will protect you and bring you back to this land some day."

   Jacob1700_1.gif (65264 bytes) This special dream changed Jacob's life. He promised to honor and obey God. God blessed him with many children.

    The story of Jacob is detailed in Genesis, and it alternately comforts and confounds. For while it is easy to look upon many of Jacob’s decisions and actions with contempt, and even to wonder why God would so favor such a man, it is equally a reassurance to realize that the same God who extended grace to Jacob is the same God who extends us ours.

    Just as with Jacob, our hands have performed both sin and sacrifice.Jacob1700_2.gif (68507 bytes)