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James Alexander Haldane was a Scottish evangelist and prolific author, who (together with his brother Robert), was mightily used by God in the promotion of the Evangelical Awakening in the nineteenth century.

James was the youngest son of Captain James Haldane. He entered Edinburgh University in 1781. In 1785 he became midshipman on board the Duke of Montrose, East India man.

An intimacy which, in conjunction with his brother Robert, he contracted with David Bogue of Gosport, made a deep impression on him, and in 1794 he abandoned the sea, was brought to conversion, and settled in Edinburgh. Shortly afterwards he began to hold religious meetings, and in 1797 made extensive evangelistic tours in Scotland. In January 1799, along with his brother and others, they founded a congregational church in Scotland. He was ordained as the first Congregational minister in Scotland on February 3, 1799. In 1801 his brother built him a tabernacle in Leith Walk which seated three thousand persons. He officiated faithfully there for fifty years until his death on February 8, 1851, though his influence extended far beyond his local church. The effects of his preaching was felt in the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, France, Switzerland, England, America, and elsewhere, such that it was said of him that "no other since Whitefield had been used of God in the conversion of so many sinners."