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John Alexander Dowie

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"The Healing Apostle"

Against hypocritical, opposing clergy, fierce and slanderous tabloids, murderous mobs, and relentless city officials, Dr. Dowie wore his apostolic calling as a crown from God, and his persecution as a badge of honor. He knew he was a man on a mission, but he had no idea of where or how his mission would be accomplished. The gifts of the Spirit began to manifest in his life and revelation abounded like never before. Because of his spiritual obedience, thousands were healed under his ministry. Eventually Dowie diverted from God's plan for his life that he embraced the suggestion that he was Elijah. John Alexander Dowie went down in history as an imposter, yet he was a genius called of God.

prophesied the coming of radio and television.

prophesied the assassination of a U.S. President.

once dressed as a tramp so as not to be recognized.

married his first cousin.

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