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William Branham


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A Prophet of Notable Signs and Wonders"

William Branham was a humble, soft-spoken man familiar with tragedy, heartbreak and poverty. Semi-literate by wordly standards, Branham was educated through supernatural occurrences. Simple in his reasonings and poor in his command of the English language, Branham became the leader in the Voice of Healing revival that orginated in the late forties. There were many healing revivalists who came to the forefront during this era and each had his or her own uniqueness, but none were able to combine the prophetic office, the supernatural manifestations and divine healing as William Branham did. Branham had an incredible healing gift, but having no Bible knowledge to match it, he turned into a doctrinal disaster. Had he remained in the plan of God, he could have been one of the greatest voices that had ever lived.

laid his hand on his dead wife after a fatal car accident, and revived her.

had so much healing power flow through him that his wristwatch stopped.

had an angel from the Lord appear and speak with him for thirty minutes.

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