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William J. Seymoure

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"The Catalyst of Pentecost"

Serving as the "catalyst" of the "Pentecostal Movement" in the twentieth century, William J. Seymour turned a tiny Los Angeles horse stable on Azusa Street into an international center of revival. Because the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues was a major part of the meetings held there, Seymour became the leader of the first organized movement that promoted this experience. It was said that the power of God could be felt at Azusa, even outside the building. Scores of people were seen dropping into a prostrate position in the streets before they ever reached the mission. William Seymour's Pentecostal ministry increased public awareness to such a degree that it not only turned a major U.S. city, it also spread throughout the world at an incredible pace. Today, Azusa remains a common word within God's household.

was a catalyst for the spreading of Pentecostalism and revival
around the world, yet was buried in a redwood box with only
200 people attending his funeral.

said that smallpox came upon him because he had refused the call to preach.

found his true identity in Christ as he taught himself to read the Bible.

was described by John G. Lake to have had "more of God than anyone I know."