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REID, William, clergyman, born in Aberdeen-shire, Scotland, in 1816. He was educated at King's college, Aberdeen, where he received the degree of M.A. in 1833, afterward studied in Divinity Hall, in the same city, and was licensed as a preacher in 1839. In August of that year he was sent to Canada as a missionary of the established church of Scotland, and in January, 1840, he was ordained pastor of the congregation of Graton and Colborne, Upper Canada. After the disruption of 1843 Mr. Reid cast in his lot with the Free church, and was one of the founders of the Presbyterian church of Canada. In 1849 Mr. Reid became minister of the church in Picton, about the same time became clerk of the synod, and soon afterward general agent, of all the schemes of the church, and editor of the " Ecclesiastical and Missionary Record," of which he has had charge ever since. He was elected moderator of the general assembly of the Presbyterian church of Canada in 1851, of the Canada Presbyterian church in 1873, and of the general assembly of the Presbyterian church in Canada in 1879. In 1876 he received the degree of D.D. from Queen's university, Kingston.