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William Romaine was an English Evangelical divine who was born at Hartlepool, England on September 25, 1714. He was educated at Hart Hall and Christ Church, Oxford, receiving his B.A. in 1734 and M.A. in 1737. He was ordained a deacon in 1736, a priest in 1738; and was curate for many years at Baustead, Surrey and Horton, Middlesex. Drawn into the Evangelical revival, he first adhered to John Wesley, but in 1755 passed to the side of George Whitefield and remained the ablest exponent among the Evangelicals of the highest Calvinistic doctrine.

After a turbulent career, he obtained the living at St. Anne's Blackfriars and St. Andrew of the Wardrobe in 1764 where he continued as a great popular attraction until his death, July 26, 1795. As a preacher he exercised great power and his theology and views on the spiritual life are best contained in the long-popular works: The Life of Faith (London, 17640; The Walk of Faith (1771); and The Triumph of Faith (1795).