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    The teacher's eyes searched the heavens in much the same way that his forefathers had gazed in ancient times, eager to understand the overture which was being performed. As he reclined under the twinkling desert sky, he was captivated by the majestic promenade of the stars and the intricate beauty of their song. Silently his lips formed the name of each celestial body, as if recalling old friends.

    The melody of the heavenly expanse inspired him to ponder the prophesies of great kings, warriors, and messiahs, and it was in that midnight hour that he saw a new singer rise. The place which was once a deep spot of darkness was now pierced with its brilliant illumination: the hope and celebration of a new ruler. He observed the celebratory star for over two years, each day swelling greater joy and hope within his heart.

    Thoughts of the new star swept him up into the symphony that shook the foundations of the earth. From its place in the heavenly realms, he and the other star-gazers agreed that the beacon signaled the birth of the King of the Jews. The King, who had been worshiped by the angels of heaven and praised by the shepherds of Israel, was indeed worthy of adoration. And the Lord drew the Magi into the great canticle of creation. Whether they knew it or not, He was inviting them to represent the world in the joyful pronunciation of His Son, the Savior.

    Eagerly they journeyed to welcome the great new ruler to the world in a manner worthy of one who was regaled in the skies. They packed gold, frankincense, and myrrh so they could join in the worship of the majestic infant.

    Each night as they traveled, their imaginations ran wild. They imagined a king whose castle was gloriously glittering with gold and jewels. He would be so powerful and intimidating that the elephants and lions would bow to Him in respect. The child would be dressed in an imperial robe and be attended by countless servants.

    What they actually found was far from what they had imagined. They went to the logical place of the King's birth: Jerusalem–the Holy City of David and the center of Israelite sovereignty and worship. But the King was not there, and His own people did not sing His praise. The Magi did not find a magnificent palace with servants and riches, yet the great concerto drove them on.

    When they arrived where the star had stopped, they found the humble home of a carpenter, and the child, who had stirred the symphony in their hearts, was clothed in the wool of a commoner. But the modest surroundings did not alter their joy. In fact, when they found Jesus, they fell before Him and worshiped Him. They sought a king and they knew they had found Him. (Matthew 2:1-12) In the great crescendo of time, both the heavens and the earth were represented to celebrate the Christ.

    The teacher continued to gaze at the bright star. He was on his way home, back to his family and community—yet he had changed from when he first set out. The song was part of him now, a tune which he would never be able to stop singing deep within his soul.

    It all worked together like a beautiful hymn of worship to welcome the King of Kings. The Magi were part of the celebration that surrounded Jesus' birth, but they were mighty in Spirit because they represented you in God's great plan. They portrayed the countless star-gazers who set out in search of a king and found the Son of the living God. Jesus was born King of the Jews, but He died as the sweet song of salvation to whoever would sing to Him in the depths of their soul. He was not a mere king of the earth, He was the King who came to create a place for us in the choir of heaven.

    Through your own seeking and serving, you become part of the heavenly symphony that gives praise to the Savior. Allow your heart to burst into song at the thought of Him. Permit the tune of your being to swell with the joy of His coming. Just like the Magi, you have joined the great multitude in the worship which will never end. Seek Him and sing for surely He is worthy.