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Commit Whatever Grieves Thee

"Commit Whatever Grieves Thee"

by Paul Gerhardt, 1607-1676

Text From:


(St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 1942), pp. 362-363



1. Commit whatever grieves thee

Into the gracious hands

Of Him who never leaves thee,

Who heaven and earth commands.

Who points the clouds their courses,

Whom winds and waves obey,

He will direct thy footsteps

And find for thee a way.

2. On Him place thy reliance

If thou wouldst be secure;

His work thou must consider

If thine is to endure.

By anxious sighs and grieving

And self-tormenting care

God is not moved to giving;

All must be gained by prayer.

3. Thy truth and grace, O Father,

Most surely see and know

Both what is good and evil

For mortal man below.

According to Thy counsel

Thou wilt Thy work pursue;

And what Thy wisdom chooseth

Thy might will always do.

4. Thy hand is never shortened,

All things must serve Thy might;

Thine every act is blessing,

Thy path is purest light.

Thy work no man can hinder,

Thy purpose none can stay,

Since Thou to bless Thy children

Wilt always find a way.

5. Though all the powers of evil

The will of God oppose,

His purpose will not falter,

His pleasure onward goes.

Whate'er God's will resolveth,

Whatever He intends.

Will always be accomplished

True to His aims and ends.

6. Then hope, my feeble spirit,

And be thou undismayed;

God helps in every trial

And makes thee unafraid.

Await His time with patience,

Then shall thine eyes behold

The sun of joy and gladness

His brightest beams unfold.

7. Arise, my soul, and banish

Thy anguish and thy care.

Away with thoughts that sadden

And heart and mind ensnare!

Thou art not lord and master

Of thine own destiny;

Enthroned in highest heaven,

God rules in equity.

8. Leave all to His direction;

In wisdom He doth reign,

And in a way most wondrous

His course He will maintain.

Soon He, His promise keeping,

With wonder-working skill,

Shall put away the sorrows

That now thy spirit fill.

9. A while His consolation

He may to thee deny,

And seem as though in trial

He far from thee would fly;

A while distress and anguish

May compass thee around,

Nor to thy supplication

An answering voice be found.

10. But if thou perseverest,

Thou shalt deliverance find.

Behold, all unexpected

He will thy soul unbind

And from the heavy burden

Thy heart will soon set free;

And thou wilt see the blessing

He had in mind for thee.

11. O faithful child of heaven,

How blessed shalt thou be!

With songs of glad thanksgiving

A crown awaiteth thee.

Into thy hand thy Maker

Will give the victor's palm.

And thou to thy Deliverer

Shalt sing a joyous psalm.

12. Give, Lord, this consummation

To all our heart's distress;

Our hands, our feet, e'er strengthen,

In death our spirits bless.

Thy truth and Thy protection

Grant evermore, we pray,

And in celestial glory

Shall end our destined way.



Hymn #520 from The Handbook to The Lutheran Hymnal

Text: Ps. 37: 5

Author: Paul Gerhardt, 1656

Translated by: composite

Titled: Befiehl du deine Wege

Composer: Hans L. Hassler, 1601

Tune: Herzlich tut mich