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A Pilgrim and a Stranger

"A Pilgrim and a Stranger"

by Paul Gerhardt, 1607-1676

Text From:


(St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 1942), pp. 415-416



1. A Pilgrim and a Stranger,

I journey here below;

Far distant is my country,

The home to which I go.

Here I must toil and travail,

Oft weary and opprest;

But there my God shall lead me

To everlasting rest.

2. I've met with storms and danger

E'en from my early years,

With enemies and conflicts,

With fightings and with fears.

There's nothing here that tempts me

To wish a longer stay,

So I must hasten forward,

No halting or delay.

3. It is a well-worn pathway;

A host has gone before,

The holy saints and prophets,

The patriarchs of yore.

They trod the toilsome journey

In patience and in faith;

And them I fain would follow,

Like them in life and death.

4. Who would share Abraham's blessing

Must Abraham's path pursue,

A stranger and a pilgrim,

Like him, must journey through.

The foes must be encountered,

The dangers must be passed;

A faithful soldier only

Receives the crown at last.

5. So I must hasten forward,-

Thank God, the end will come!

This land of passing shadows

Is not my destined home.

The everlasting city,

Jerusalem above,

This evermore abideth,

The home of light and love.

6. There still my thoughts are dwelling,

'Tis there I long to be;

Come, Lord, and call Thy servant

To blessedness with Thee.

Come, bid my toils be ended,

Let all my wanderings cease;

Call from the wayside lodging

To Thy sweet home of peace.

7. There I shall dwell forever,

No more a parting guest,

With all thy blood-bought children

In everlasting rest,

The pilgrim toils forgotten,

The pilgrim conflicts o'er,

All earthly griefs behind me,

Eternal joys before.



Hymn #586 from The Handbook to The Lutheran Hymnal

Text: Ps. 39: 12

Author: Paul Gerhardt, 1666, centro

Translated by: Jane Borthwick, 1858 alt.

Titled: Ich bin ein Gast auf Erden

Composer: Hans L. Hassler, 1601

Tune: Herzlich tut mich