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O Lord, We Praise Thee

"O Lord, We Praise Thee"

by Dr. Martin Luther, 1483-1546

Text From:


(St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 1942), pp. 224-225


O Lord, We Praise Thee

1. O Lord, we praise Thee, bless Thee, and adore Thee,

In thanksgiving bow before Thee.

Thou with Thy body and Thy blood didst nourish

Our weak souls that they may flouish:

O Lord, have mercy!

May Thy body, Lord, born of Mary,

That our sins and sorrows did carry,

And Thy blood for us plead

In all trial, fear, and need:

O Lord, have mercy!

2. Thy holy body into death was given,

Life to win for us in heaven.

No greater love than this to Thee could bind us;

May this feast thereof remind us!

O Lord, have mercy!

Lord, Thy kindness did so constrain Thee

That Thy blood should bless and sustain me.

All our debt Thou hast paid;

Peace with God once more is made:

O Lord, have mercy.

3. May God bestow on us His grace and favor

To please Him with our behavior

And live as brethren here in love and union

Nor repent this blest Communion!

O Lord, have mercy!

Let not Thy good Spirit forsake us;

Grant that heavenly-minded He make us;

Give Thy Church, Lord, to see

Days of peace and unity:

O Lord, have mercy!



313 from The Handbook to The Lutheran Hymnal

Text: Ps. 118: 1

Author: unknown, c. 1400, St. 1

Author: Martin Luther, 1524, St. 2 & 3

Translated by: composite

Titled: Gott sei gelobet und gebenedeiet

Tune: Gott sei gelobet

German melody, c. 1400