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The Persians Take Antioch and Cruelly Torture the Christians

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Execution of Alexander and Others

    Alexander, bishop of Jerusalem, about this time was cast into prison, where he died through the severity of his confinement; or, as some historians say, was burned to death with several other Christians in a furnace.

    Serapion, a Christian, was seized at Alexandria. He had his bones broken, and was then thrown from the roof of a high building, and killed by the fall.

    Julianus, an old man, lame with the gout; and Cronion, another Christian, were bound on the backs of camels, severely scourged, and then thrown into a fire and consumed. A spectator who seemed to pity them was ordered to be beheaded, as a punishment. Macar, a Libyan Christian, was burned. Horon-Ater and Isodorus, Egyptians, with Dioschorus, a boy of fifteen, after suffering many other torments, met with a similar fate; and Nemesion, another Egyptian, was first tried as a thief, but being acquitted, was accused of Christianity Confessing this, he was scourged, tortured, and finally burned. Ischyrian, the Christian servant of an Egyptian nobleman, was run through with a spear by his own master, for refusing to sacrifice to idols. Venatius, a youth of fifteen, was martyred in Italy; and forth virgins, at Antioch, after being imprisoned and scourged, were destroyed by fire.












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