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Marcus is Hung in a Tree and Stung to Death by Wasps

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   Marcus2.gif (51188 bytes)Marcus, the bishop of Arethusa, a town of Thrace, destroyed a heathen temple and had a Christian church built up in its place. This caused him to be much hated by the heathen, who waiting an opportunity, seized him while separated from his friends, stripped him of his clothing, and beat him cruelly with sticks. After they had thus revenged themselves upon him, they asked him whether he would rebuild their temple which he had torn down. Marcus not only refused to rebuild it, but threatened to have it again destroyed should they restore it themselves. Enraged at this defiant answer, his persecutors cast about for some way of punishing him, and finally hit upon a plan as cruel as it was singular. They bound Marcus with cords and placed him in a large basket, which they hung in a tree, after first smearing the poor prisoner's body over with honey, to attract the wasps, which were very numerous in that country After being thus hung up in the tree, Marcus was asked for the last time whether he would restore the temple; he again refused, and his tormentors left him to perish b the stings of the venomous insects.












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