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Bishop Boniface is Slain by Barbarians

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Now Boniface, having reached his seventieth year, was no longer able to work as he had done, so he chose Lullus, his countryman and faithful friend, to be his successor; telling him to build a church at Fuld, and see him buried in it, for his end was near.

    But, longing to go once again on a mission to the heathen, Boniface went to the sea coast of Holland, where he converted and baptized many of the natives, destroyed several heathen temples, and raised churches on their ruins. Now, having fixed a day for baptizing a great number of the new converts, he told them to assemble in an open plain near the river Bourde going there himself the day before, and pitching a tent, intending to remain on the spot all night, so as to be ready in the morning early. But a band of barbarians, having heard of this,m poured down upon him and his companions in the night, to kill them. The servants of Boniface would have fought against them, but he told them to put up their weapons, as he wanted to go and speak to the strangers and tell them of his peaceful errand. Boniface therefore, advanced into the midst of the threatening crowd, but had spoken only a few words to them when they rushed in upon him and murdered him, with fifty-two of his companions.











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