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Count Simon of Montfort

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This last disaster almost broke the count's spirit; but the pope's legate continued to encourage him, and offered to raise another army, which with some difficulty, and three years' delay, he finally did, and the count was once more able to take the field. On this occasion he turned his whole force against Toulouse, which he besieged for the space of nine months. In one of the sorties made by the Albigenses, count Simon's house was wounded. The animal being in great pain ran away with him, and carried him directly under the battlement walls, which were swarming with his foes. A crossbowman, taking advantage of this unlooked-for opportunity, shot a bolt into his thigh.

But it was, after all, by the hand of a woman, that the Albigenses, like the Israelites of old, were delivered from their great enemy; for the wife of one of the soldiers, seeing Simon beneath her, seized a heavy stone and dropped it upon the head of the already wounded count, striking him from his horse and leaving him dead upon the ground.












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