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The Men of Rosa Roll Stones Upon Their Enemies

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MenofRosa.gif (41583 bytes)Great Stones are Rolled Down Upon the Soldiers

    Captain Mario, a soldier of fortune and desperate ruffian, who would fight for any one who paid him, undertook the enterprise. He raised a force of one thousand men, and with these he attempted to gain the summit of a rock which overlooked the town. But the men of Rosa, aware of his design, hid themselves at the top and let the soldiers ascend without opposition till they had nearly reached the summit, when they made a most furious attack upon them with great stones, which they loosened from the mountain side and rolled down upon the armed band climbing toward their stronghold.

This unexpected attack from above threw the assailants into confusion; some were crushed to death where they stood, and others were hurled down the steep side of the mountain. Many, also, fell victims to their own fears, for while trying to escape down the narrow and dangerous mountain path, they fell upon the cliffs below and were dashed to pieces. Captain Mario himself, having fallen from a craggy place into a river at the foot of the precipice, was taken up senseless, and after lingering some time, died. Only a small part of the attacking force escaped unhurt to the valley below, and these were so terrified by the crushing rocks hurled down upon them, that they refused to make any further attempt to take the town.

After this, another body of troops from the camp at Villaro made an attempt upon Rosa, but were likewise defeated and compelled to retreat tot heir camp. Captain Gianavel, after each of these signal victories, knelt down, with his men, and returned thanks to god for His merciful protection of them.

Enraged at being defied by a few poor villagers, the marquis of Pianessa determined to send a force strong enough to destroy them. So he ordered all the army of Piedmont to be called out, and added to these eight thousand hired soldiers, he attacked Rosa from three sides at once. As might be expected, from the superiority of numbers, the troops took the town, and as soon as they entered it began to murder the inhabitants in all the horrible ways known to them. Men were hanged, burned, or cut to  pieces, women drowned or thrown from the precipices, and children were tossed upon spears or had their brains dashed out against the stones. On the first day of their gaining the town, on hundred and twenty-six persons were thus cruelly slaughtered.

According to the orders of the marquis, they likewise plundered and burned the houses of the people. Several, however, made their escape, under the conduct of the brave Gianavel; but his wife and children were unfortunately made prisoners, and sent to Truin under a strong guard.












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