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Waldenses Drowned at Veinice

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Before the persecution had reached the city of Venice, some Waldenses made their homes there. The authorities, as soon as they learned of their presence gave orders for their arrest, and many were martyred for their faith.

Various were the ways by which they suffered death; one in particular, being uncommon and singular, will be described. The prisoner, after being sentenced, was attached by an iron chain to a heavy stone. Both the man and the weight to which he was fastened were then laid upon a plank. The ends of the plank were placed upon two boats, which were rowed out on the sea; then the boats separated and the martyr's weighted form sank to the bottom.

A citizen of Venice, named Antohny Ricetti, was sentenced to be drowned in this manner. A few days before his execution his son went to him, and begged him to recant, that his life might be saved, and himself not left an orphan. To this the father replied, "A true Christian is bound to give up not only goods and children, but life itself, for the glory of his Redeemer." The nobles of Venice offered him his life if he would change his religion; but finding their efforts unavailing, they ordered the execution of his sentence, which took place accordingly.

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