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Tortures of the Inquisition
The Rope and Pulley

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After being examined by the inquisitors, if the prisoner still protested his innocence, he was condemned tot he torture. First he was led into a dimly lighted room under ground, and the grim figure of the executioner pointed out to him, clothed in a long black gown with a hood over his head and face. This terrifying form was surrounded by the dreadful instruments of his trade, and glared out upon the wretched prisoner through two eye-holes cut in the hood which covered his head and face.

The tortures most common in the Inquisition were those of the rope and pulley, and the rack. In the first of these the hands of the prisoner were tied together behind his back, and a rope was then drawn up in the air by turning a windlass. Weights were hung to His feet to make the strain upon his arms and shoulders more severe. As the victim hung thus in mid air he was questioned, with deliberation, by the inquisitors, who, to aid his memory, occasionally let slip the rope and allowed the sufferer to fall a few feet, suddenly stopping him before he touched the ground.












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