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Strangled in a Spanish Prison

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   A Spaniard named Juliano traveled into Germany, and there became a convert to the reformed religion. When he went back to Spain he took with him to Seville a number of Bibles, to distribute among the people of his own country, so that they might have the same advantages he had enjoyed. He succeeded in this dangerous enterprise so far as getting the books into the hands of a great number of people, but a pretended friend who had received a Bible, betrayed the giver to the Inquisition.

    Juliano was immediately seized and put to the most cruel tortures to make him confess the names of all to whom he had given the hated books. Ingenuity was exhausted in finding torments sufficiently severe to punish this native-born Spaniard who had dared to sow the seeds of "heresy" in the very stronghold and citadel of the ancient church. Whether or not he yielded to the inquisitors, and told the names of persons implicated is not known, but no less than eight hundred persons were arrested as being partakers in the "great crime" of having themselves accepted, or having knowledge of others being in possession of--the Bible. Juliano was finally burned at the stake, with twenty others. The rest were either imprisoned for life, sent to the galleys, or publicly whipped and banished from the kingdom.

    Another Spaniard, named Jaun Leon, who went to Germany to escape the dark superstitions which hung like a pall over his native land, joined a party of English people, intending to sail with them for England. But information had been lodged against him at the court of the Inquisition. Leon was seized, heavily fettered, and with his head and neck covered with a kind of iron network, taken back to Spain. Having arrived there, he was thrown into a dungeon, barbarously tortured, and at last strangled to death by the public executioners.












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