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Divine Charging

If you will believe, you shall see the salvation of God.

Believe there is something to bring us into the kingdom of God — out of a natural order, into a Divine order with Divine power for promotion, in which we are changed by the power of God by Another who is greater than we are.

Scripture says:
He came to his own, and his own received him not.
But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God...

John 1:11,12

We are in a great place when we have no one to turn to but God. Having only God to help us, we are in a great place. For there, God will change the situation that has bound us. Who will do it? “Not I, but Christ,” Paul reminds us (Galatians 2:20).

A new Divine order for us to come into awaits us. It is a Divine place where GOD works the miracle. But God waits for us to act. We must turn to Him.

Some boilers are made to go off at a 10-pound pressure, some at a 250-pound pressure, and some at a 350-pound pressure. What pressure, or problem, do you want to blow off today? God will help you in your problem. Only believe.
All things are possible. Only believe.

But you shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you.
Acts 1:8

What is there for us in this mighty baptism of the Holy Ghost? With it we can be so moved by the power until Llarelly and the whole of South Wales feel the power of God again. The people shall know their great inheritance in Christ Jesus. All shall know we have been with Jesus, who changes them.

It was that way when people met Jesus, and we are bone of His bone, and flesh of His flesh. And He has given us of His Spirit, grace for grace. Jesus was full of grace, filled with the power of the Spirit. He, through the Holy Ghost, gave to man grace. In Him the Trinity was manifest, promising a power like His. He was in agony, but the work had to continue. Those He left behind were to be likewise clothed, charged with Divine power by the Divine working of the Spirit. Now we today are baptized into the same Spirit. We are partakers of the Divine nature, living in a Divine changing, with our whole being aflame with the same passion that Jesus had.

It Will Never Stop!

You would have thought this wonderful baptism in the Spirit would quiet the disciples down. On the contrary! It reminds me of the first engine. When Stephenson got it ready, he was excited for his sister Mary to see it. When Mary saw it, she said, “John, it will never go. It will never go!

Stephenson said to his sister, “Get in.” She got in and he pressed a button. The engine went. She said, “Oh, John! Oh, John, it will never stop! It will never stop!

As the disciples waited and prayed in the Upper Room, it looked as if the baptism would never come. But it did come, and now we know it will never stop! But they had the sense to wait until it did come.

What do I think when I see people still waiting for the Holy Ghost? Beloved, I believe it is wrong to wait for the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost is waiting for US. The Holy Ghost has come, and He will not leave until the Church goes to be with her Lord forevermore. When I see people waiting, I know something is wrong.

The Holy Ghost begins to reveal uncleanness, judging hardness of heart and all impurity to men. Until the process of cleansing is complete, the Holy Ghost is not welcome in them. But when the bodies are clean, sanctified, Jesus delights to fill them with His Holy Spirit.

I know it will never stop!

We are wholly God’s in the Holy Ghost’s process of cleansing and preparing our bodies to be a temple for the Spirit; to be made like unto Him. It is the will of God, even your sanctification, that you should be filled into all the fullness of God, like a bannered army clothed upon with Him. The Trinity is like dynamite flowing through you,working holy, mighty power within the human frame.

God means for us to be in His Divine order — swallowed up in Him, and then receiving a new body a new mind, a new tongue. No man can tame the tongue; but God, by the Holy Ghost, can change the whole body, including the tongue, to a perfect position. The Divine order is a Divine cooperation — we allow Christ to become enthroned within us.

Divine Power Within

Acts 1:8 says that you shall receive power when the Holy Ghost comes upon you in His perfect, operative, Divine adjustment. The sanctification of the Spirit causes an unfolding of the Divine plan — here is the hallmark of the mystery of Divine ability, which must come in our day in its fullness. If you have the Holy Ghost, you have Divine ability and power. Jesus was anointed with the Holy Ghost and went about doing good, for God was in Him bodily, in all fullness (Acts 10:38).

I see, I know, the Divine order. We must press into the fullness of it. We are to speak of what we know, and testify of what we have seen, the Holy Ghost being our witness.

I see the Master in His royal robe of holiness, an impregnation of love, moving and acting in the present tense of Divine power. It is an association to be imparted to us. “Ye” shall receive power, according to Acts 1:8.

The Master was in Acts 1:8. The disciples had to come into it. We are in it, of it, into it. And we cannot get rid of it, once this power-Divine is in us.

It is a tremendous thing. Yes, once engrafted, it is a serious thing to grieve the Holy Ghost. The baptism of the Holy Ghost is a fearful place if we are not going on with God, for great is our conviction of sin.

The Holy Ghost comes to abide. God must awake us to our responsibility: to live an inbreathed life of power. We can never be the same after the Holy Ghost has come upon us! Full of the Holy Spirit, we must be instant in season and out of season, always abounding, always full of the life of God, ready for every emergency!

I know the Lord laid His hand on me.
I know the Lord laid His hand on me.
He filled me with the Holy Ghost.
I know the Lord laid His hand on me.

Shout! The Victory is Yours!

I am always, always in a place that is greater than the position and need of the place. The baptism of the Holy Ghost is given to prepare us for acting when two ways meet. Only GOD can give us the decision we need of which way to go. Only He can bring off the victory we need. We simply stand still and see the salvation of God.

It’s a great place! It’s great to reach such a place of dignity, being able to shout unto God when the walls are up, and it looks as if all would fail.

Shout! Shout! The victory is yours! The victory is yours! It’s not to come at some future time; the victory IS yours!

As you shout with a voice of triumph, the ensign will arise and the walls will fall. You will walk in and possess the city. It’s a designed position. It is not of your making; it’s a rising position, honouring the cry of the Master: It is finished!
Not, It is TO BE finished (John 19:30).

It is finished — God can make manifest that position as we are loyal to His Divine purposes.

It is no little thing to be baptized with the Holy Ghost and to be saved from the power of Satan unto God. It is a greater thing than moving Mount Sinai for Him to change a nature from an earthly position to a Heavenly desire! Oh, to be in the Divine order!

Beloved, Jesus was in the perfect order. He began to do and teach. He began to be. He lived in a ‘know’. We too, must live in a ‘know’. God has declared it: We must be living epistles of Christ, known and read of all men (2 Corinthians 3:2). We are to have knowledge of Him through His Word, which abides in our hearts. It is a Word of activity, a Word of power — the same power we received when the Holy Ghost came upon us and made us witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the uttermost parts of the earth.

“The Lord Will Make a Way!”

How do you walk in the kingdom of the Master?
By compassion that faileth not, that sees when no other sees, that feels when no other feels. It’s a Divine compassion. It comes by the Word, for the Master is the Word of God. We are balanced on God’s side according to our faith. Scripture says, Who is he that overcometh the world, but he that believeth Jesus is the Son of God? (1 John 5:5). Our life of faith is in Another, in our association with Another. Our faith is in the Master. We are living only for Him; therefore, He can extend Himself through us. He is taking the lead through us.

Very early one morning, I was travelling in Sweden. An old lady came into the railway carriage, leaning on her daughter’s arm. She sat down. Her face was so full of anguish, I was disturbed. I could not rest. I said to my interpreter, “What is the cause of that woman’s trouble? I want to know.”

The dear lady said, “I am over seventy. I had hoped to carry my body through, but gangrene has set in my legs. I am on my way to the hospital to have my legs off, and the pain is terrible. I do not want to have my legs off at my age.”

I was bound to tell her Jesus could heal her. Her face lit up. Her eyes sparkled. She became radiant with hope.

Then the train stopped. The carriage filled up with workmen, who stood between me and the woman. It looked hopeless for further talk. A big man stood right between us. The devil said, "Now you are done for.”

Jesus knew how to answer the devil when He walked the earth. He answered him with the Word of God. The devil may leave a dead fish, but not a live one!

I said, “No! My Lord will make a way” (Isaiah 43:19).

Just then the big man stretched his legs out. I put my hand on the woman and said, “In the name of Jesus, I bind and loose this woman.”

The man did not know what had happened, but God knew. At that moment, she was healed.

What is my object in telling this story?
Acts 1:8 (paraphrased) says, You will receive POWER after the Holy Ghost comes upon you. Jesus was clothed upon with power and with a ministry of imparting the power emblematic of Divinity, with an installation that never fails. You have received power to breathe in life and scatter the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you!

When the train stopped, the old lady began to get out of the carriage. The daughter said, “Why, Mother?”

The lady said, “I am going back home. I am healed.”

As long as the train stood still, she walked up and down past the carriage window. She said to the interpreter, “I am going home. I am healed.”

He’ll never forget to keep me,
He’ll never forget to keep me.
My Father has many dear children;
But He’ll never forget to keep me.

Glory is Risen Upon Thee

God will not allow those who trust in Him to become failures in the straightened place. God will do the work. Yes, He can do it. His Word is a living Word of Divine activity with momentum. It has power to change the nature of things by the power of the Spirit. God the Holy Ghost can take the Word of Jesus and breathe into the hearer, quickening his spirit.
All disease and weakness must go at the rebuke of the Master. And God enables us to speak, and bind the enemy, and set the captive free.

Beloved arise! The glory of the Lord is risen upon thee, empowering life into thy weakness. God is not making thee the tail, but the head (Deuteronomy 28:13).
This is a wonderful day, filled with the Spirit, the Breath of the Almighty!

Jesus began to do, then to teach. You are in a Divine process, with revelation and Divine power in the place of manifestation. If I only come to impart life which has brought revelation, God will be with me and blessings will flow.

One day on a busy car route in New York, I saw a great crowd. I asked the driver to stop. I saw a boy lying in the agony of death. I said, “What is it boy?”
He answered in a breathless voice, “Cramp.”

There was no time to pray — only to act! (I see Acts 1:8 in this, which says, Ye shall receive power. It is the Divine order.) I felt fire burning, power flowing, Divine glory! Getting my hand around the boy, I said “Come out!”
The boy jumped up and ran off, never even saying,
“Thank you.”

Another day, I had risen early on board ship and was on deck. I saw a man; he did not see me. He seemed to be in great pain. I heard him say, “Oh, I cannot bear it. What shall I do?”

I jumped up and said, “Come out!”

He said “What is it?!”

I said, “It is God!”

The man had hurt his back lifting a heavy weight.
Now he was healed.

Yes, beloved, we have a mighty God. He is able to help, able to comfort. He is the God of all comfort.

With the power of impartation to a needy world, be active, for you have renewed power. You have the power of changing. When the Holy Ghost has come upon you, God is glorified and the need of the needy is met. Power received goes forth, and God is glorified!

After receiving the power, let the rivers flow.
(See John 7:37.) Amen.
(South Wales, August 1925)









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