Corrie Ten Boom

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Corrie Ten Boom - AUDIO

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Corrie Ten Boom - Audio On December 28, 1944, after ten months of incarceration in concentration camps, Corrie Ten Boom was free. She had lost her father and beloved sister to the horrors of Nazi death camps. The ten Booms, all devout Christians, had provided a hiding place in their home for persecuted Jews during World War II. 
     "Every time I saw the smoke pouring from the hideous smokestacks I knew it was the last remains of some poor woman who had been with me in Ravensbruck. 
      God gave her a promise that she would reach more people than she could imagine with the gospel message. For the next four decades following her release from prison, Corrie traveled extensively, speaking in more than sixty countries, captivating audiences with her inspiring faith and love for God. She is the author of nine books, one of which is The Hiding Place, a personal account of her arrest and time spent in prison. She also produced five films.

AuthorityOverdemons.jpg (6550 bytes)AUTHORITY OVER DEMONS {Slight Background Noise}arrow2rightsm.gif (11151 bytes)

DoorOfRepentance.JPG (6510 bytes)DOOR OF REPENTANCEarrow2rightsm.gif (11151 bytes)

EffectualFervantPrayer.jpg (6119 bytes)EFFECTUAL FERVENT PRAYERarrow2rightsm.gif (11151 bytes)

GodsLove.jpg (5905 bytes)GOD'S LOVEarrow2rightsm.gif (11151 bytes)

HerPersonalTestimony.jpg (6424 bytes)HER PERSONAL TESTIMONYarrow2rightsm.gif (11151 bytes)

HowToForgive.jpg (6409 bytes)HOW TO FORGIVEarrow2rightsm.gif (11151 bytes)

InterviewTestimony.jpg (6034 bytes)INTERVIEW/TESTIMONY {Pat Robertson is interviewing Corrie Ten Boom about details ofarrow2rightsm.gif (11151 bytes) when she was in a concentration camp. It is incredibly interesting because she talks about being able to lead many Jews to trust in Jesus as their Savior before th4ey died in the camps.

PowerInPrayer.JPG (6296 bytes)POWER IN PRAYERarrow2rightsm.gif (11151 bytes)

PowerOverdemons.JPG (6453 bytes)POWER OVER demons {Lots of background noise - last 10 minutes worse. Corrie ten Boom showsarrow2rightsm.gif (11151 bytes) from the scriptures and her practical experience that we are called to have power over demons as a Christian.

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ProfessorOrPossessor.jpg (6492 bytes)THE GREATEST OF THESE IS LOVEarrow2rightsm.gif (11151 bytes)

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Corrie Ten Boom