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Rare Audio Recordings of Preachers From Our Past
* Echoes From Glory *
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Rare recordings of preachers from our past on cd: entitled

Echoes From Glory - Narrated by Mark Holston
Length = 78min 23sec

Listen to the voices of some preachers from our past

dwightlmoody.jpg (1218 bytes)Dwight L. Moody
{1837- One of the greatest Bible preachers of all time, Reading the Beatitudes}

irasankey.jpg (1025 bytes)Ira Sankey {1840-1908 Sings "God be with you till we meet again"

billysunday.jpg (1362 bytes)Billy Sunday {1862- Prohibition-Anti-Booze}



jwilburchapman.jpg (1223 bytes)J. Wilber Chapman {1859-1918 Reads from the Bible - Although not converted until his later years, at the age of four he was often seen standing on his chair using it for a pulpit, acting out the role of a preacher. A Presbyterian, he had great success in four pastorates, but is best remembered as a powerful evangelist}

charlesnalexander.jpg (1291 bytes)Charles N. Alexander {1867-1920 Sings the Glory Chorus - "I have yet to see the first church that remained empty for long where each person entered heartily into the singing of hymns. In order to maintain this equality [between preaching and singing], every individual must be made to feel his responsibility in the singing part of the worship."
"Chalie," as he was known to thousands who attended the great revival crusades of R. A. Torrey and J. Wilbur Chapman, was a gifted musician.


charlesfweigle.jpg (637 bytes)Charles F. Weigle {Talks and sings the song he composed "No one ever cared for me like Jesus"} This song is the product of one of the darkest periods of his life. he spent most of his life as an iterant evangelist and gospel songwriter. One day after returning home from an evangelistic crusade, he found a note left by his wife of many yeras. The note said she had had enough of an evangelist's life and that she was leaving him.
Weigle became so despondent during the next several years that there were even times when he contemplated suicide. There was the terrible despair that no one really cared for him anymore. Gradually his spiriutual faith was restored, and he once again became active in the Christian ministry. Soon he felt compelled to write this song.


charlesedwardfuller.jpg (1277 bytes) Charles Edward Fuller {1887-1968 Established the Gospel Broadcasting Association in 1933 and in October 1934 the first Old Fashoined Revival Hour program was aired.


homerrodeheaver.jpg (1176 bytes)Homer Rodeheaver {1880-1955 Singing "When Jesus Comes"}



gipsysmith.jpg (1173 bytes)Rodney (Gipsy) Smith {1860-1947 Sings I can hear my Saviour calling - Was an English evangelist who made over forty evangelistic trips abroad to such countries as the United States, Australia and south Africa}

harryaironside.jpg (1272 bytes)Harry A. Ironside
{During the early half of the 20th century, he was perhaps America's most beloved pastor and teacher}

bobjones.jpg (1302 bytes)Bob Jones Sr.
{1883-1968 Preaches about earnestly contending for the faith} The acid test of our love for God is obedience to His Word. The greatest ability is dependability. The test of you character is what it takes to stop you. Trust God as if it all depends upon Him, and work as if it all depends upon you.

Martin R. Dehaun
{Speak on the coming of Christ}

robertglee.jpg (623 bytes)Robert G. Lee
{1886-1978 Preaches payday Sunday} Dr. Lee preached his famous sermon, "Pay Day Someday" over 1200 times in the United States and other countries.


johnrichardrice.jpg (614 bytes) John Richard Rice {1895-1980} Marked with a sincere spirit of compassion. Those who knew him best, knew a man who loved them. In preaching, in prayer, and in personal life, Dr. Rice wept over sinners and with saints. Left behind a legacy in writing of more than 200 titles, with a combined circulation of over 61 million copies.


oliverbgreen.jpg (536 bytes)Oliver B. Green {Preaching in a tent meeting} Accepted Christ as his Saviour at the age of 20. Five months later, the Lord called him to preach. For 35 years, he conducted revivals all across Americ in churches and in his own tent, until failing health forced him to stop. Preached a daily radio broadcast over a network which grew from one station to 180 stations at his death (The Gospel Hour).


johnfranklynnorris.jpg (642 bytes)John Frank Norris 1877-1952 {Giving the testimony of the conversion of Sam Jones} Called "The Fighting Fundamentalist," "The Texas Tornado," "The Preacher," "The Two-Gun Parson." A true hellfire and damnation preacher, J. Frank Norris could easily be called the most controversial man who ever lived in Fort Worth.

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