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Gone To Glory - Narrated by Paul Harvey Length = 62min5sec

Listen to the voices of some preachers from our past

dwightlmoody.jpg (1218 bytes)Dwight L. Moody
{One of the greatest Bible preachers of all time, Reading the Beatitudes}

irasankey.jpg (1025 bytes)Ira Sankey {1840-1908 "I felt not the slightest inclination at the time that the answer would be yes, 'for it was no small matter to resign a well-paying job, break up my home aned move to a strange city." His initial reaction to Moody's invitation to join him in evangelistic work".}

billysunday.jpg (1362 bytes)Billy Sunday {Prohibition}{Anti-Booze}{Open Air Meeting}

georgewtruett.jpg (1375 bytes)George W. Truett
{One of the Southern Baptist Convention's greatest preachers}

harryaironside.jpg (1272 bytes)Harry A. Ironside
{During the early half of the 20th century, he was perhaps America's most beloved pastor and teacher}

williambellriley.jpg (1298 bytes)William Bell Riley
{1861-1947 Major leader in the early days of the religious movement known as American Fundamentalism}

gipsysmith.jpg (1173 bytes)Rodney (Gipsy) Smith
{1860-1947 Was an English evangelist who made over forty evangelistic trips abroad to such countries as the United States, Australia and south Africa}

charlesnalexander.jpg (1291 bytes)Charles N. Alexander
{1867-1920 "I have yet to see the first church that remained empty for long where each person entered heartily into the singing of hymns. In order to maintain this equality [between preaching and singing], every individual must be made to feel his responsibility in the singing part of the worship."
   "Chalie," as he was known to thousands who attended the great revival crusades of R. A. Torrey and J. Wilbur Chapman, was a gifted musician.

meltrotter.jpg (692 bytes)Mel Trotter
{1870-1940 Former alcoholic turned evangelist who was instrumental in the founding of 65 rescure missions. Good friends and often filled in for evangelists like Billy Sunday and R. A. Torrey}

williambooth.jpg (839 bytes)General Wiliam Booth {1829-1912 Founder of the Salvation Army}{Please Sir Save Me}{Don't Forget}{Rope Wanted}{Through Jordan}

jwilburchapman.jpg (1223 bytes)J. Wilber Chapman {1859-1918 Although not converted until his later years, at the age of four he was often seen standing on his chair using it for a pulpit, acting out the role of a preacher. A Presbyterian, he had great success in four pastorates, but is best remembered as a powerful evangelist}

homerrodeheaver.jpg (1176 bytes)Homer Rodeheaver {1880-1955 Singer and music evangelist, is generally considered the most prolific recorder of gospel songs in the acoustical recording era. Toured with Billy Sunday from 1909-1931. Owned the copyright to hundreds of gospel songs the mos famous being "The Old Rugged Cross".}

johnbrown.jpg (898 bytes)John Brown
{Evangelist, lecturer, and founder of John Brown University in 1919.

petermarshall.jpg (1186 bytes)Peter Marshall
 {Unaware of the previous night's heated dialogue between two senators, Peter Marsahll, Chaplain to the U. S. Senate, began, the session of April 3, 1947, with this prayer: "Gracious, Father, we, Thy children, so often confused, live at cross-purposes in our central aim, hence we are at cross-purposes with each other. Take us by the hand and help us see things from Thy viewpoint...."

   As Marshall left the Senate chamber, one of the senators involved in the quarrel followed him and offered the surprised chaplain an apology for his behavior.
   This incident encapsulated the nature of the jocular Scotsman's influential ministry. He was straightforward and eminently practical. Supremely, he was led by God's Spirit.}