Jonathan Edwards

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Jonathan Edwards - AUDIO

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Jonathan Edwards - Audio Jonathan Edwards, 1703 - 1758, achieved greatness as an American preacher-evangelist, principal of a college, mystic, and revivalist.T
he tongue of Edwards must have been like a sharp two-edged sword to his attentive hearers. His words must have been as painful to their hearts and consciences as burning metal on flesh. Nevertheless, men gave heed, repented, and were saved.

Edwards-mp3-01.jpg (6094 bytes)Cd #01
10 Sermons - Total Playtime = 12 hours 11 minutes
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18min 53sec}Absent From The Body {1hr 7min 26sec}
A Divine And Supernatural Light {56min 22sec}
Christian Cautions or The Necessity Of Self Examination {1hr 4min}
Christian Knowledge {59min 1sec}
Christ's Agony {1hr 49min 41sec}
Dishonesty or The Sin Of The Theft And Injustice {46min 29sec}
Divine Retribution {1hr 6min 54sec}
Divine Sovereignty {1hr 22min}
Excellency Of Christ {1hr 40min 29sec}
Farewell Sermon {1hr 18min 53sec}

Edwards-mp3-02.jpg (6172 bytes)Cd #02
13 Sermons - Total Playtime = 12 hours 10 minutes
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God Glorified In Man's Dependence
{49min 3sec}
God Makes Men Sensible Of Their Misery Before He Revelals His Mercy And Love {1hr 8min 31sec}
God's Sovereignty In The Salvation Of Men {1hr 22sec}
Hypocrites Deficient In The Duty Of Prayer - Sermon 1 {26min 24sec}
Hypocrites Deficient In The Duty Of Prayer - Sermon 2 {1hr 6min 1sec}
Many Mansions {30min 22sec}
Men Are Naturally God's Enemies {1hr 22min 52sec}
Pardon For The Greatest Of Sinners {26min 15sec}
Preciousness Of Time {27min 32sec}
Pressing Into The Kingdom Of God {1hr 24min 12sec}
Reflection On The Life Of David Brainerd {1hr 19min 18sec}
Safty Fullness And Sweet Refreshing In Christ {1hr 13min 43sec}
Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God {48min}

Edwards-mp3-03.jpg (6128 bytes)Cd #03
13 Sermons - Total Playtime = 11 hours 48 minutes
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Sinners In Zion Tenderly Warned
{43min 30sec}
Temptation And Deliverance {54min 36sec}
The Agony Of Christ {1hr 14min 22sec}
The Excellency Of Christ {41min 13sec}
The Final Judgment or The World Judged Righteously By Jesus Christ {1hr 26min 22sec}
The Folly In Looking Back In Fleeing Out Of Sodom {21min 27sec}
The Importance And Advantage Of A Throurgh Knowledge Of Divine Truth {59min 6sec}
The Justice Of God In The Damnation Of Sinners {1hr 31min 54sec}
The Manner In Which The Salvation Of The Soul Is To Be Sought {54min 42sec}
The Resolution Of Jonathan Edwards {19min 23sec}
The Way Of Holiness {34min 38sec}
True Grace Distinguished From The Experience Of devils {1hr 23min 55sec}
Undiscerned Spiritual Pride {45min 58sec}

Edwards-mp3-04.jpg (6038 bytes)Cd #04
Total Playtime = 10 hours 42 minutes
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A Treatise Of The Religious Affections in 19 Parts
{7hrs 20min 29sec}
The Life of Daivd Brainerd in 3 Parts {3 hrs 22min 21sec}

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Jonathan Edwards