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In her international ministry, Miss Kuhlman laid a foundation for the workings of the Holy Spirit in the lives of countless thousands throughout the world. Her unique ministry shifted the focus of the body of Christ from the outward show of the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit back to the giver of the gifts, the Holy Spirit.

The moment Kathryn saw in God's Word that healing was provided for the believer at the same time as salvation, she began to understand the Christian's relationship with the Holy Spirit. Kathryn learned early in life that self-centeredness, along with all the other "self" sins, such as self-pity, self-indulgence, or even self-hatred, causes a person to judge or condemn himself. And that this hinders the Holy Spirit's working in his or her life.

Kathryn Kuhlman was a special treasure. Her ministry pioneered the way for us to know the Holy Spirit in our generation. She attempted to show us how to fellowship with Him and how to love Him. She truly had the ability to reveal the Holy Spirit to us as our friend.


held an international healing platform, pastored a church,
hosted a television program, yet declared she was not called into
the five-fold ministry.

had a father who believed that all preachers were "out for the money."

refused to minister with anyone who might tarnish her reputation.

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Rare Video Dvd's


All 17 Recordings Listed Below on 8 Dvd's     arrow2rightsm.gif (11151 bytes)


A Tribute to Kathryn Kuhlman
Length = 58minutes31seconds

Dry Land...Living Water
Las Vegas Welcomes
Kathryn Kuhlman
May 3,1975

Length = 1hour23minutes46seconds

I Believe In Miracles: Volume 1
1 - Comfort For Christians
2 -If Only You Knew
3 - Mount Of Transfiguration And Upper Room

Length = 1hour22minutes25seconds

I Believe In Miracles: Volume 2
1 - Jo Gummelt
2 -Dorothy Otis
3 - John Bentolluci
4 - 1977 Update

Length = 52minutes37seconds

I Believe In Miracles: Volume 8
1 - I Tried
2 -Missionary Story Of Victory
3 - Papa's Funeral

Length = 1hour14minutes56seconds
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I Believe In Miracles:
Kathryn Kuhlman Meets The Jesus People
with Duane Peterson and Chuck Smith

1 - #258
2 - #259

Length = 55minutes18seconds


I Believe In Miracles: Kathryn Kuhlman Meets The Jesus People
with Duane Peterson and Chuck Smith

1 - #260
2 - #261

Length = 55minutes38seconds
Kuhlman260-261_250.jpg (12554 bytes)

Jerusalem Conference 1974
Length = 79minutes31seconds






All 51 Recordings Listed Below on 22 Cd's     arrow2rightsm.gif (11151 bytes)


Anaheim Talk
Length = 1hour19minutes

An Hour With Kathryn Kuhlman + If Only You Knew
Length = 1hour16minutes39seconds

Are You Cashing God's Personal Checks? + The Power Of God
Length = 1hour18minutes19seconds

A Tribute to Kathryn Kuhlman + Do You Know God as a Person
Length = 1hour16minutes46seconds
KuhlmanVolume8_250.JPG (12245 bytes)

Baptism of the Holy Spirit
Length = 1hour18minutes31seconds

Comfort For Christians + Dorothy Otis + John Bentolluci
Length = 1hour16minutes53seconds
Kuhlman260-261_250.jpg (12554 bytes)

Don't Fight Problems + God Directs Our Lives + Infilling of the Holy Spirit + Money Isn't Everything + Trinity of Man
Length = 1hour13minutes43seconds

Dry Land Living Water
Length = 1hour15minutes23seconds

Duane Pederson - Chuck Smith
Length = 40minutes30seconds

Free to Do + God's Presence + How This Ministry of Healing Came Into Being + No Stopping the Holy Spirit + Slow Me Down
Length = 1hour10minutes23seconds

God's Will + Jesus Christ is Our Great High Priest + Released Now From The Bondage of Depression + Salvation is Somebody
Length = 1hour10minutes38seconds

I Tried + Wandering Jews Come Home - Arthur Katz Gives His Testimony
Length = 1hour14minutes40seconds

Jerusalem Conference 1974
Length = 1hour19minutes31seconds

Jesus Christ Is All In All
Length = 1hour18minutes10seconds

Jo Gummelt + Kathryn Kuhlman Meets the Jesus People 260 + 261
Length = 1hour16minutes40seconds

Kathryn Kuhlman Meet the Jesus People 258 + 259
Length = 55minutes39seconds

Mental Attitude + Surrender to the Faithful Brings Abiding Joy + Why You Must Know God in Person + Your Bible Insists on a Spirit Filled Life
Length = 1hour15minutes26seconds

Missionary Story of Victory + Mount of Transfiguration and the Upper Room + Papa's Funeral
Length = 1hour17minutes52seconds

Musical: Jimmy McDonnald - Christ Returneth - He Hideth My Soul - He Touched Me - His Eye is on the Sparrow - It is Well with My Soul - It's Real - Lord I Want to be a Christian - No One Ever Cared for Me Like Jesus - Sweet Little Jesus Boy - The Ninety and Nine + Meditation and Prayer - Morning Will Soon be Here (Irene Oliver) - He's the Savior of My Soul - He Touched Me (Concert Choir)
Length = 50minutes5seconds

The Beginning of Miracles + Today Inherit the Mind of Christ
Length = 1hour18minutes55seconds

 The Promises of God
Length = 58minutes58seconds

The Secret of all Miracles Revealed in Jesus' Life + The Thin Line Between Faith and Presumption + Trust Never Experiments Outside God's Will
Length = 1hour6minutes25seconds


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