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This is Believed to Be the BEST & LARGEST COLLECTION ever Assembled on 1 Cd of SCREEN SAVERS - SCREEN SAVER PROGRAMS[make your own screen savers from photos etc.] -  ICONS/CURSERS[over 24,000 to choose from] & PROGRAMS[make your own or edit icons/cursers etc.] - FONTS

All Programs listed Below are included on the cd and can be installed by an auto opening menu page

* Screen Savers [252] *
* Religious Screen Savers [37] *
* Screen Saver Programs [18] *
* Theme/Wallpaper Programs [24] *

* Icons [19,900] *
* Cursers [4,160] *
* Icon/Curser Programs [21] *

* Fonts [430sets] *

252 Screen Savers

Star Trek - Star Trek Screen Saver contains pictures of the Starship Enterprise. These pictures came from various Star Trek Movies, or The Next Generation television show. While the Screensaver is active, it will play the opening theme from The Next Generation.
Star Trek - Commander Data
Star Trek Voyager 3D v1.701
1234 Screen Savers Baby Animals
3D Greetings Airplane
3D Greetings Aquarium

3D Greetings Turtle
3D Lavarium / Lava Takes over Screen
Acrobatic Elephants
Age of Dinosaurs 3D v6.6 - A full 3D Screen Saver that uses New 3D technologies. You move around a high realistic 3D World of prehistoric animals watching the life stages of Dinosaurs. The World has the animated time of day. You watch as the night engulfs these amazing reptiles. You can look at dinosaurs like Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stegosaurus, Brachiosaurus, and Pteranodon. While, accelerator is not needed, if you have it like 3Dfx Voodoo, the graphics is amazing. If you have a sound card, you can hear full 3d sounds of dinosaurs. Four speakers are supported. The program uses the password protection to guard your computer when you are absent. The Screen saver can show a current date, time or FPS.
Air Traffic Controller
Amazing Nature
Anature - 45 high quality (high resolution) photos of Nature: Sunsets, clouds, mountains, forest, ocean, ... If you wish to use this screen saver for more than 3 days, you must unlock it. Unlock key is FREE!
Americas Natural Beauty vol.4
Analog Clock Face w/ Changing Color & Patterns
Animals & Other Creatures v1.0 - [32-bit screen saver cycles 26 photographs of animals, fish, birds, and insects. A few of the marine images have been treated with a watercolor-like filter. Several options are available, including setting the duration between images, using up to 23 special transition effects, showing the images full screen or original size, and taking advantage of Microsoft Plus! support. System tray and desktop-based screen saver controls that will work with any screen saver are included.
Animals From Africa v1.3 - This screensaver shows beautiful images of wildlife from Africa. And You will listen to sounds of the jungle. Look at animals, elephants, rhinoceroses, antelope, zebra, hippopotamus,  giraffes and the others. Contains 39 amazing images and 3 nice tunes. All images in resolution 800*600 and High Color (24-bit).
The screensaver also comes with two possibilities - "Screen Saver Control"    and "Wallpaper Control".
Screen Saver Control has such functions:
* time of show for each image
* tile pictures
* color option
* use password protection
* control of effects of transition (14 available effects)
Wallpaper Control has such functions:
* use wallpaper on desktop
* tile pictures wallpaper
* color option
* automatically cycle wallpaper every: hour, day or week
Ant War
Arizona Landscape
Automated Puzzle of Asia
B-52 Bomber Jet
Bugs Bunny / Rabbit of Syville
Bugs Bunny Burrow Christmas v1.0
Butterfly v1.0 - Animated Cartoon Butterflies
Butterfly’s & Flowers v1.0 (33 Images) - Cycles 33 photographs of butterflies, flowers, and plants. Several options are available, including setting the duration between images, using up to 23 special transition effects, showing the images full screen or original size, and taking advantage of Microsoft Plus! support.  System tray and desktop-based screen saver controls that will work with any screen saver are included
Cape Hatteras and Surrounding Areas
Cartoons v0.1
Cascoly / Birds
Cascoly / Lions, Leopards, Cheetahs
Chrome Stars v3.2
Circle Frenzy v1.0 / High Colored Ellipses
Clock / Floating Clock
Colliding White Light Symbols
Colorful Circles Fill Screen
Comet v99.08
Computer Generated Patterns
Cool Pets
Corkboard Style with Notes, Calendar, Clock, Etc.
Covered Bridges
CPU Indicator 98 - It enables you to watch graphical representation of the CPU's activity. CPU Indicator 98 SS draws two diagrams, the first diagram shows you the CPU's usage history, the second diagram shows you the current CPU's state.
Crater, Earth, Sky, Terranov (4in 1) - The Sky Screen Saver shows the sky above any location on Earth, including stars (from the Yale Bright Star Catalogue of more than 9000 stars to the 7th magnitude), the Moon in its correct phase and position in the sky, and the position of the Sun and all the planets in the sky.
Outlines, boundaries, and names of constellations can be displayed, as well as names and Bayer/Flamsteed designations of stars brighter than a given threshold. A database of more than 500 deep-sky objects, including all the Messier objects and bright NGC objects can be plotted to a given magnitude. The ecliptic and celestial equator can be plotted, complete with co-ordinates.
To fulfill its mission as a screen saver, the sky map shifts position on the display every 10 minutes to avoid burning in those few components of the display which do not move as the Earth revolves.
Earth v2.0a - The Earth screen saver displays an image of the Earth as currently illuminated by the Sun, from a variety of viewpoints. You can view the Earth from the Sun (day side), the night side, from the Moon, or from an arbitrary altitude above any point on the globe specified by latitude and longitude. Day and night regions of the globe are shown based on the current date and time. The image of the Earth shifts location on the screen every 10 minutes to avoid burning in the phosphor in one location.
The images are generated based on a global topographic map developed by the Marine Geology and Geophysics Division of the National Geophysical Data Center operated by the United States Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Custom Trucks v1.0 / 6 Custom Lifted 4x4’s with Music
Cyber / Rearranges Desktop Items
Dancing Columns v3.2
Dancing Hearts
Dancing Sausages
Dancing Stars v3.2
Day / Date / Clock
Dazzle v99.07 / Kaleidoscope Type
Desktop Balls v3.2
Desktop Deteriorates or Melts
Disfigures Desktop
Don’t Touch My Computer v1.0
Dots Fade out Desktop
Drawing Hand
Earth View
Electric / Misc. Patterns
Exclusive Cars v0.1
Falling Shapes v3.2
Falling Stars
Feline - Cat Pictures
Fills Desktop With Color Blotches
Fire Burns Holes in Desktop
Flag 3D v1.2 - Uuses accurate physical modelling techniques to simulate the movement of flags with amazing realism. Your own images and pictures can be used to make your own custom flags. Flag3D does not  use up all your available processing power, allowing background tasks to continue.
Flashes of Light Bouncing Around Screen
Flashes Pieces of Desktop Across Screen
Flashing Colored Lights
Flying Shapes v3.2
Fractkal v1.0 - Kaleidoscope Style
Game - Drowned in Information is both a *real* screen saver and a game. Real in the sense that it will protect your screen since the display is mostly black. The game consists of shooting bubble using right-clicks. (Left-click exits the game and screen-saver.) It maintains current and historical scores. Fully configurable by the user
Geiss v4.0 - Computer Animation
Happy Birthday Screen
Happy Valentines v3.2
Heartsong! (23 images)
Imitates Computer Crashing
Jeep v1.0 - 6 Jeeps Photos with Transition Effects
JuliaSaver v2.0 - Real Time Motion-Blurred Fractals
Kaleidoscope Type
Life Under the Sea
Looney Tunes Christmas
Makes Desktop Wiggle
Makes Screen Melt
Marvin and Bugs Bunny
Marvin the Martian
Millennium Fireworks v99.08
Mir Celebration - 18 Images of NASA Space Station
Mix Screen v1. - Calendar Based -- Jpeg/Calendar Screen Saver. This program displays jpeg images,  calendar, and text. Allows images to be displayed in darker colors  to help in the screen saving process. A small built in calendar  editor, lets you add text to the screen saver for each day of the  calendar. You may also add default text or assign a different text  for each image. Includes other options such as delay, resizing,  grayscale.
More 3D Objects v3.2
Morphing Shapes
Movie v4.5
Mr. Hankey
Multiple Kaleidoscope Type Designs
Multiple Patterns Fill Screen
Mystery Photos v1.14
NfoNak v4.1 - Monitors System Etc. - NfoNak allows you to display a variety of details about your computers current activity and performance e.g. how busy it is, how fast it is receiving data from the internet etc in a varity of ways. NfoNak can be run as both a normal program and a screen saver. As a screen saver it is a great way to quickly see how your computer is working. The indicator styles available and what varies with changes to measurements
NSM Engineering - Play Sokoban
Orbit v3.2
Over 5,000 Quotes v 4.0.22
Perennial Flowers
Phantom v2.2 - Hides Desktop
Prairie Source v1.0.5.2553 - 20 Wildflower Photos
Quotes aprox. 5,500
Raining Hearts
Rock Climber Climbs Randomly Generated Rock Face
Santa Rides A Train
Screen Scrolls Out With Solid Colors
Seattle Fractals Digital Art v1.0 - This screensaver has the following user configurable options: 20+ transition effects, screen saver control tray icon, Microsoft Plus! style screen saver features, Desktop Quickstart and of course some great digital fractal art!
Shapes in Glass v3.2
Sharks - Sports Symbols
Shooting Lines
Shot v6.23.97 - Watch Desktop Being Attacked
Small Squiggle Lines Take Over Screen
Snow (Samsung) v11.7.96 - Watch Snow Fall on a Korean Village
Space Ballz v3.2
Space v1.2 - Earth & Moon
Sparks v1.0
Special Effects v2.3 - Display 3D Special Effects by setting numerous properties. Effects include: Fireworks, Starfield, B-Spline Warp, B-Spline Sparklers, Gravity Wells and Galaxies. Properties can be saved as Templates for later use or can be exchanged with other users of the Special Effects product.
Spinning Globe Flag Bounces Around Screen
Spinning Top
Star Fall
Star Message v2.0c - Rearrange Stars to Make Notes
Starz v3.2
Stick Lights
Team Oranji Motor Sport Race Car
The Sleeping Computer v1.2 - Displays Idle Time
Tom & Jerry
Tornado v1.0
Two Window Type Circles Floating Around Screen
Valley of Mercury v1.0
Virtual Aquarium v1.0
Viz v1.0a - Animated Characters Wonder over Screen
Win at Night v1.1 - 10 in 1 Screen Saver
Windows Tip
World Saver - Learn Geography
Worm Like Colored Light
Lines v1.0 - Customizable Graphics
Acrobatic Elephants
Burst Sharks
California Angels
Canadian Rockies - Beautiful photos of the Canadian Rockies in a slide show. Nice use of transition between photos
Charlotte Hornets
Chicago Bears
Chicago Cubs
Chicago Bulls
Chicago Blackhawks
Chicago White Sox
Christmas Art Scenes
Christmas Scenes - [] - Watch a slide show of 10 delightful Christmas scenes. Includes some Santa sounds, along with [] reminder messages from time to time.
Critter Time
Dancing Baby
Dancing Baby Full Screen
Deep Space Life
Dodge Viper
Due Date
Earth Saver
F15 Eagle
Fabulous Waterfalls
Falling Leaves - Colorful fall leaves fall  over a New England background. Includes sound effects.
Fire Trucks
Fireplace - Make your screen look like a warm, crackling fire! Sound effects add to the charm of this one!
Fishsaver - []
Florida Marlins
Flying Saucers
Ford Mustang
Formula 1 Fires
Formula One Grand Prix  - Tongue in cheek screensaver depicting the best and worst of the current Formula One Motorsport season. The screensaver will be updated on a regular basis with results and placeings as each new race take place.
Fourth of July
France 98 World Cup
Golf Balls - [] - Tons of golf balls bounce around your screen. Shows all different brands of golf balls.
Harley Davidson Art
Horses - 20 beautiful images of horses in a slide show format.
Houston Astros
Houston Rockets
Humane Society - Humane Society for Dogs & Cats Screensaver - Features Dozens of stunning full screen color images of dogs and cats, as well as animations of dogs and cats right on your desktop. There are a variety of screen savers to choose from (dogs walk on your screen, cats walk around, it rains cats and dogs, and more).
Ireland - Beautiful images of Ireland will fill your screen
Jaguar - The XK8 is featured in this great  slide show complete with sound
Jaguar Lovers - Very nice...Vintage photos of everything Jaguar! A must for the Jaguar lover!
Japan - 12 beautiful images of Japanese  landscape in a slide show format.
Jeep - This is a great slide show of a Jeep Wrangler with mid Music. User may adjust transition effects. Password capable.
Lamborghini - 24 images of this fabulous car in a slide show format!
Lions - []
Looney Toons Valentines
M & M Candy - Colored M&Ms walk across your screen and talk. Good promotional saver for the candy.
Macroni - A spoof on the infamous "Hey, Macarena" song, starring pieces of macaroni. There is dancing and singing to keep your interest.
Mars / Smooth Move v1.0.2 - Infinite Pictures of Mars Screensaver - Infinite Pictures of Mars offers you a virtual view of the Mars landscape. Gaze in wonder as images of the red planet move fluidly around your screen. This program uses actual NASA photos.
Military Planes
Monster Truck
Nature's Wildlife Scenes - Nice images of nature's wildlife (including bears, eagles, moose, and more). Good quality images.
Nigara Falls - Four images of Niagara Falls in this slide show.
Ocean Scenes
Paintball - Paintball paints a picture on your screen using balls in an impressionistic style. When the painting is finished Paintball starts on a new image.
Phantom Fighter Jets - [] - This saver includes a slide show of 3 aircraft pictures and 1 [] message.
Piggybank - The Piggybank screensaver populates your desktop with walking pigs, or rather, piggybanks.
Planet USA
Pups! - This is for the puppy lover in you! Features 20 photos of the cutest puppies you've ever  seen! Very high quality photos. Sound effects and background music are included.
Rivers - [] - Amazing is a series of screen savers where you experience a   variety of incredibly wonderful views in or not in the world.  It provides not only animations but also sound effects. A  major difference between Amazing and other screen savers is that  Amazing is designed from the point of art - It is a live art!   In this park, Rivers, You will experience a variety of wonderful River views. Don't forget to setup your own background sound in its setup screen.
Rottweilers - [] - A nicely done slide show style screen saver with 4 images of Rottweilers. There are [] messages on the screen and with the registered version you get 12 breed specific images, dog facts and trivia, and the ability to add all the images you want.
Sailboat Classics - Enjoy a slide show of 15 B&W photos of classic sailboats.
September 11th Flag
United Strength of America
White Tail Deer
Winnie the Pooh
Marine Life
Flasher v2.0 - The idea here is to make some use of various media files we tend to collect from time to time. Using Flasher, you can display/play your favorite BMPs, JPGs, GIFs, AVIs, WAVs, MIDs (*.mid and *.rmi) as a screen saver.
AnyImage - With AnyImage Screen Saver you can display any type of image for your desktop enjoyment. AnyImage supports JPG, BMP, EMF, WMF and ICO formats.
Water Color Flowers - Contains 20 beautiful digital watercolor images of various types of flowers. They are approx 1k pixels each and default to fit your screen.
Hearts In Love - A classic Valentines Day Screen Saver. Enjoy watching 3D heart balloons fly up towards the sky with little sweetheart sayings attached.
PD Outer Space v4.0 - Sit back and relax as you watch what's happening in our corner of the solar system.
PolyMorph 3D v1.0 - Displays a shiny colourful spinning 3D object that morphs and distorts into all sorts of unpredictable shapes.
Swarm - Watch a Swarm of Bees Chase a Wasp
Hubble X2 - Contains seventeen stunning images compiled by the Hubble Heritage Project as well as a few shots of the Hubble Space telescope. The Hubble Space Telescope (HST) is a research tool dedicated to scientific studies of nature. En route to illuminating the forces shaping our cosmos, HST has accumulated a cosmic zoo. The Hubble Heritage Project sees this instrument also as a tool for extending human vision, one that is capable of building a bridge between the endeavors of scientists and the public.
4View v1.0 - This screen saver uses pictures to create tiled images on the screen, then manipulates them. Results are often fantastic and surreal. Use your own digital images or download from the web.
A1 Suns v1.1 - A1suns Sunsets Srceensaver, needs no explanation. This saver has over 50 pics. Also creates a folder of pics that can be used for Wallpaper.
Boise Then and Now v1.0 - Colorful images of present-day Boise, Idaho, along with a collection of postcards, photos, matchbooks and other memorabilia from the recent and distant past of Idaho's capital city.
Roadster Show: Boise 2002 v1.0 - Thirty-three rotating images of the classiest rods, customs, racers, cruisers and customs at the 2002 Boise Roadster Show!
Comet v1.2 - The comet screensaver displays a comet swooping over your screen, lighting up your darkened desktop. With the Fiery Comet option you can set the comet on fire, Turbulence let's you add turbulence to the comet and it's tail and with Screen Burn you can simulate what a screensaver is not supposed to do: a burn in trail.
DogFight v3.0 - DogFight is a screensaver with 3D rendered graphics. The Enterprise takes on a Bird of Prey in a desktop dogfight. See Starfleets Enterprise maneuvre against up to three Klingon Birds of Prey. You can set your desktop to shine through the background. Sound, adjustable speed, explosions, ships can suffer actual damage visible in statusbars.
FractalPatterns v1.0 - Enjoy the beautiful and fantastic world of fractal art. Here are 47 pictures to spice up your monitor!
Lost Beaches v1.3 - Over 70 high quality Pics of stunningly beautiful, mostly dissolute world beaches. Great and unusual shots of everything from giant rocks to white sandy beaches.
Mallorca Pearl of Mediteranean Sea - One of the most beautiful places in Spain: highlights of a coulorful and unrecognized island.
The Oregon Coast v1.0 - Twenty-six colorful views of the south Oregon shore and Coastal Range mountains, from waves to hilltops!
ScensSaver v1.0 - SceneSaver is a complimentary screen saver of twenty-two high resolution photographs of some of the best nature has to offer our world. Each of the twenty-two images comprises an astonishingly beautiful scene taken of the outdoors. From Oregon's Painted Hills National Park to Big Sur, California, each image is breathtakingly beautiful and relaxing to view. When you tire of SceneSaver's included images use your own! Tell SceneSaver which folder contains the images you wish to use and SceneSaver handles the rest. You can even include all the sub-folders of a specific folder! This is perfect when you have thousands of images. SceneSaver will randomly choose from your collection and display the image as wallpaper or as a screen saver for any duration you specify. This is a great way to start seeing photos you haven't seen in a long time! Its fun --even addictive-- to watch which photo is chosen next!
Never Forget v1.0 -  Screensaver with pictures of the world's reaction to the September 11 attacks. There are a few pictures of the World Trade Center.
Sky Warriors II v1.0 - The greatest of the US Air Force's lineup of modern jet and classic piston-powered aircraft, along with images of patches, shields and medals.

37 Religious Screen Savers

Animals with Bible Verses
Bible Inspirations v1.0
Bible Verses
Bible Verses - Look around -- the world is full of God's majesty. If you don't see it around you, take a look at the world's most majestic sights in this freeware 32-bit screen saver. It cycles over 40 photographs of some of the best looking places on earth. Each photo is accompanied by a Bible verse.  Several options are available, including setting the duration between images, using up to 23 special transition effects, showing the images full screen or original size, and taking advantage of Microsoft Plus!
Bible Verses v2.3 - A "blip" by defintion is a spot of light on a radar screen. A "Bible Blip" is by my definition a spot of "light" (from the Bible) on a computer screen.  When the screen saver is activated it will display one of 356 random Bible verses. The verse will float around the screen while colorful swirls are drawn behind it. Periodically the verse and the color of the verse will change.
Christian Spectacular 2.49b - 78 pictures
Easter Glory v2.46
First Light - The Christmas Story
Flying Crosses
Footprints in the Sand
From The Word v2.49
God’s Eternal Purpose v1.0 - 26 Photos
God’s Sunsets - God has created a lot of gorgeous things in this world, and sunsets would have to rate in the Top 5. So, this freeware 32-bit screen saver cycles 20 photographs of some of the Lord's "best work." Each photo is accompanied by a Bible verse. Several options are available, including setting the duration between images, using up to 23 special transition effects, showing the images full screen or original size, and Microsoft Plus!
Harvest of the Lord v2.46
In The (English & Spanish)
Jesus Saves v3.14.98
John 3:16
Lords Prayer
Matthew 14:24-33 - 640pix
Matthew 14:32-33 - 800pix
My Devotion - MS Agent Characters Read Quotes
Psalmist v2.49
Psalms 23 KJV
Psalms 23 NIV
Psalms 23 v1.0.5.2553
Randomly Selected Bible Verses
Scripture Verses
Scriptures from Isaiah
Swimming Ichtus v3.14.98
Ten Commandments v3.0
Throne - Animated Psalms 45:6
Toonfever #1 - 15 Cartoons of Church Life
Vision Art & Verses #1 - Illustrated Scripture
Original Visions a Tribute to Christ
Windows Into Heaven v1.0 - Windows Into Heaven is a screen saver  containing over 25 religious icons, which walk   you through the Bible, from the creation of the  world, to the ascension of Christ. Each   beautiful icon appears with a caption and  accompanying Bible verse. Whether you are a Christian looking for a spiritual screen saver, or a fan of traditional Byzantine art, this screen saver will truly give you a Window Into Heaven!
Bible 3 - These 5 Beautiful Graphics are intended to Glorify God.

18 Screen Saver Programs

Album v1.0 - Load You Own Family Pictures Etc.
Allows Selection Of Animation
Allows Selection Of Any Bitmap
Blacks out Screen or Starts v1.05
Dcat v1.21 - Uses bmp, gif, upg, emf, wmf
Makes Screen Savers
Makes SS - Avi, Quick Time, MPEG movies
Personal Designer
Plays Winamp Files
Put up To 6 Pictures on a Spinning Cube - 3-D Fotocube is a Windows 95/98/NT4 screensaver and desktop application that displays your pictures - bitmap or JPEG files - in a 3-D animation of spinning and orbiting photo cubes. Bitmap or JPEG files can be created from scanners, photo CDs, video capture systems, and paint programs. Thus, 3-D Fotocube can display: Photographs, Artwork, Logos & Text. Up to 6 pictures can be simultaneously displayed. Display quality and speed can be tailored to match your tastes and system capabilities.
System Tray Controller - It will appear as an icon in traybar when running. You can just double click on that to activate your screen saver, no matter what timeout setting your PC has been configured. If you haven't configure to use screen saver, it will bring up control panel to give you a chance to do so.
System Tray Handler - It gives you the total control of screen saver's action. Sometimes you don't want the screen saver to run while you are: defragmenting your hard disk; downloading files from the net; something needs the CPU's attention fully to finish the job as soon as possible and you don't want the annoying screen saver in the way. But sometimes you want the screen saver to run right away while you leave your computer for a couple of minutes. All that the program will do it for you.
Tile v1.1 - Creates Animated Seamless Tiles - JPEG-BMP
Xara v1.0 - Allows Personal Pictures to be Used
Allows us of Bitmaps
Screen Keeper
MarkSaver - Drag and Drop Photos
Alternate v3.01 - Alternate Meta Screen Saver lets you see a new monitor protector every time your screen saver kicks in. You assemble a list of all of your installed screen savers, and Alternate takes care of rotating them randomly or sequentially.

24 Theme/Wallpaper Programs

Windows 95 Logo Installer
Control Panel Logo Changer
Desktop Manager Themes Installer v1.84 - []
Mom Logo - Startup/Shutdown Logos
Theme Maker - Changes Statrup/Shutdown
Themes Picker - Changes Theme with Tray Icon
Wallpaper Manager-Changer / WallList
WallMast - Wallpaper Manager-Changer
WallWiz v1.2 - Wallpaper Manager-Changer
Winpaper v1.1 - Wallpaper Manager-Changer
Pic-Tures v2.036 - Rotate Wallpaper
Wallpaper Manager-Changer v1.85 - Finds Images
Easter Love
Ever Present God
He is Risen
Heavenly Armor
Not Just for Christians
Redeeming Blood
Victorious Cross
Wonderful Light

19,900 Icons

Animals [942ea]
Arrows & Pointers [345ea]
Audio & Video [467ea]
Books [170ea]
Calendar & Clocks [79ea]
Cartoons & Games [1,605ea]
Computer Related [2,671ea]
Files & Folders [3,667ea]
Flags [167ea]
Flowers & Plants [445ea]
Food [460ea]
Holidays [290ea]
Household [1,084ea]
Jewelry [48ea]
Miscellaneous [4,275ea]
Office & Drawing [1,078ea]
Religious [147ea]
Science & Space [665ea]
Sports [688ea]
Tools [135ea]
Transportation [389ea]
Weather [83ea]

4,160 Cursers

Animals [326ea]
Arrows & Pointers [1,976ea]
Cartoons&Games [67ea]
Closks&Timers [112ea]
Food [27ea]
Religious [16ea]

21 Icon Curser Programs

Icon Extractor - Viewer
Icon Grabber - Extractor
Icon Extractor
Icon Digger 2000
Gconvert v3.5
Active Icons - Icon & Curser Changer
Econ Extractor
Icon Library Builder Builder (32bit) - []
Icon Easy 98 - Viewer
Icona5 - Icon Editor (133pm)
E-Icon98 v1.90 - Allows Swapping -   [Lets you customise the shell icons on your system easily and quickly! Makes ait a snap to change any of the standard Windows icons, these include ones for the Desktop, Start Menue, Drives, Folders, and Files. It lets you also use icon themes so you can change all icons at once or create your own themes, and it gives you the opportunity to assign an icon to any folder, any dirve and any registered file type.
Animated Curser & Image Editor
Changes Icon Colors
Icon Man v2.0 - Seaches for Icons
TransText v1.00 - Changes Icon Colors
Checks for Duplicate Icons - Viewer
CSWizard Icon v1.3.1 - Icon Editor
Icon Extractor v0.7b - Extracts icons from executable files, dynamic linkable
libraries, icon collection libraries.
Icon Extractor - Viewer
Icon Sucker - Viewer
View Animated & Cursers Files

430sets Fonts & Programs

Right Click Installer - This is a handy automated setup that will create a shoutcut of your "Fonts" folder in the "SendTo" folder thereby enabling you to right-click on any font file or several at a time and install them instantly. A terrific time-saver for designers who find themselves installing a lot of fonts.
Fonts [430sets]
ECM - Character Map
Font Viewer
Font Lister
Font Explorer Windows Magazine v1.1 - [This Program displays a list of all divices attached to your computer that support fonts (printers, and the screen). When you select a device, the program then displays a list of fonts supported by that device. Select a font, and you'll see a samle of the font on-screen. You can also print samples of any or all fonts supported by a device.

Most Programs on This CD should work well with Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP

This has been copyrighted and by bidding you agree you will not duplicate this cd!
Any duplication, redistribution,or other copyright infringements
is strictly prohibited.