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Our mission is to get the word of God and Christian Programs into as many hands as we possible can at a reasonable price.

We believe we are accomplishing that with this CD.

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Bible Lesson Planner - With this you can go through the scripture and plan out your sermon

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Bible Topics

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Maps and Explanations

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Old Testament with Dictionaries

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New Testament many search fields

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Old Testament Prophecy fulfilled in the New Testament

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Parables of Jesus Parallel in the Gospels

Bible Program / The Holy Bible v6.0.0 / KJV - This is one of the most powerful study programs I have seen there is so much here I wish I could show you this program alone is well worth the $ but you get much much more!!


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Tithe Tracker Database - This is a must have for anyone wanting to keep track of there tithe and is powerful enough to track the whole congregation with the ability to retrieve reports and even print out receipts

These are only 3 of the programs and for obvious reasons I can not show all the programs in detail but I have listed them below for you to see for yourself.


Thousands of Christian Files, Christian Software, Christian Historical Documents, Bible Illustrations, Rare Writings, Historical Maps, Illustrations, Midi Church Music, Theology, Sermons, Christian Games & MORE!!! -On One CD!

ALL THIS FOR 1 Low Price !!!

Just so you know everything listed is included on this CD

CD #01





Programs, Charts, Study

123 Bible Study Guide 95 v3.0 [RSV]
Animated Books Of The Bible v1.0 - Learn all the books of the Bible from this Game. Not just for Kids
Ark of the Covenant - []
Auto Illustrator v6.0
AV 2000 vBuild 26 or AVKJV in Tree Format
BCF Help v1.1 - London Baptist Confession of Faith - This Windows help version of the London Baptist Confession of Faith is intended as a study tool for anyone interested in the study of this church record dating from 1689.
Bible Basher Program
Bible Browser Add On - Prayer & Study Organizer - Must have Bible Program to use this add on module
Bible Desk Program
Bible in Mind
Bible Lesson Planner - This is a great program to help Bible teachers organize and print their lessons.
Bible Name Tutor
Bible Nexas v1.0 [KJV]
NAB Deluxe Bible Program v2.0
Bible Trivia and Study
Calendar Converter v7.1
Case One: Peter as Innovator - Acts 10 - []
Chronology of Christianity (1AD to Present)
Church Organizer
Daily Bible Verse
Early Church Fathers - Series 1-37 - These writings include apologetics, biblical commentary (mainly by St. Augustine and St. John Chrysostom, the Golden Mouthed), sermons, treatises, letters, liturgies, poems and hymns, dialogues, ascetic writings, Church canons and history...
Executable Outlines
First Corinthians - Overcoming Church Problems - Multimedia Bible Study on First Corinthians by Rev. Tim Gibson.
Genesis Study Aid - Corresponding Scriptures
Good News Bible Program - The program features: 1086 Questions, 46 Lessons, 1849 Verses, New King James Version, New American Standard
Holwick's 600+ Sermon Archive v1.5 - This program has 700+ Sermon Archives, over twelve years worth of Pastor Holwick's preaching.
Holwick's Win95 Sermon Illustrations (help format) - More than 1,800 illustrations and articles are available
Illustrated Bible Study - using power point presentation
Light Fight v3.3 - Prepare for Spiritual Warfare
A Bible Companion - Maps and Charts
Message Displayed Depending on Day of Year
Mini Bible Browser v2.0m
Ministry Scheduler
NT with GUI Interface - A Soft Word
Parallel Gospels V2.3
Paratext Program - Paratext is a program that allows the user to find and view simultaneously both the Latin and English versions of a given verse of the Bible.
Personal Evangelism Training Seminar
Pray v1.0f / Payer List - Pray! is an automated prayer list, allowing you to specify how often you would like to pray for a request and the relative priority of the request. It then provides you with your current prayer list in order by priority.
Prayer List v1.1
Preaching Illustrations & Jokes - This is a help file format software resource with well over 300 illustrations and jokes and 225 Christian quotes
Bible Search Program
KJV Program
Proverb a Day - Great little program that randomly picks out proverbs each day from the KJV
Puzzling Passages - [] - Puzzling Passages is a collection of helpful commentary notes on difficult Bible passages. Have you ever been puzzles by a verse in the Bible that did not quite make sense?
Quran v3.0
Reformation Session 2.0 - Reformed Confessions is an MS Windows Help file that contains many of the historic and Reformed Christian creeds, confessions, and catechisms.
Reverend Lowell's Treasury of Humor - Reverend Lowell's all-time favorite anecdotes, jokes, quips, and witty comments
Revised Common Lectionary Program - View, Print or Copy Revised Common Lectionary Readings for any period until 2013.
The Savior Project - Screenshots Creation to Crucifixion to Resurrection
Sermon Tracker 95 v2.1 - Helps maintain an index of pastors' sermons for ease of access.
Sermons & Sermon Outlines
Song of Solomon v2.01 - Prophetic teaching on the Love Song of Scripture - multimedia version.
Spiritual Gifts Exam - This program will help you to explore your spiritual gifting. The Bible tells us that God gives gifts to each of His children. That includes you, if you have asked Jesus Christ to be your Lord and Savior.
Study Aid for Revelation - Corresponding Scriptures
The Big Picture: Know God's Will v4.0 - Practical teaching on God's Vision and Calling on our lives (what is His will for our lives?). It is in Windows Help format and will work on any Win95 system or better.
The Koran [Quran] in English Program
The Land Of Israel
The Moment of Truth
Visible Bible - Features: More than 200 high quality illustrations by Gustave Dore (1832-1833), the most popular and successful French book illustrator of the mid 19th century; Scripture quotations from the Holy Bible: King James Version; Easy navigation with a tree-like classified listing of the books of the holy Bible and available topics/stories; Fast full text search capability with highlighting; and Pictures and verses can be copied to Windows Clipboard or printed directly form within the program.
Scripture Pop Up Reminder v2.0
Scripture Pop Up Reminder v2.01 - 100 Scriptures are supplied as standard. They are easy to use (single button) facilities for adding and editing Scriptures
Effects of Sin - Animated with Songs
Tithe Tracker Database - This program was developed to help Christian organizations track contributions and pledges. You can also use it to track your own contributions.
The Pilate Project: Farrell Till's A Skeptical Review (TSR) -   Contains 12 files which include all issues from the first issue in 1990 through the Nov/Dec 2000 issues.
Bible Plus / KJV - Easy to use. Create notes about any chapter. Great for quick and easy searches of the entire Bible
Word wise v2.3 - Daily Bible Verse
Solomon's Wisdom [RSV] - []
Solomon's Wisdom [NEV] - []
Verse25 - Displays Verses in a Small Box - A little onscreen verse memorizing program
Vine's Bible Dictionary
World Scriptures No 1.0
Acts of the Apostles - []
The Sword Project
Feasting with Wisdom
Proverbs of Solomon - Test you skill at the Proverbs
Sword Searcher v4.1
Index of Bible Names - []
Bible Maps - []
Bible Maps II - []

Holy Bible v6.0.0

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Bible Database

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Bible Database Add On's

No extra charge

King James Version [KJV] - "In 1604, King James I of England authorized that a new translation of the Bible into English be started. It was finished in 1611, just 85 years after the first translation of the New Testament into English appeared (Tyndale, 1526). The Authorized Version, or King James Version, quickly became the standard for English-speaking Protestants. It's flowing language and prose rhythm has had a profound influence on the literature of the past 300 years." - Gospel Communications Network
American Standard Version 1901 [ASV] - The American Standard Version of 1901 is an Americanization of the English Revised Bible, which is an update of the KJV to less archaic spelling and greater accuracy of translation. It has been called "The Rock of Biblical Honesty." It is the product of the work of over 50 Evangelical Christian scholars.
Darby English Bible [DEB] - Darby's Holy Scriptures, A New Translation from the Original Languages was published originally in two parts: the New Testament (1884) and the New Testament (1890). These are English translations of a collation done on he's earlier German and French translations. Both are posthumous, as John Nelson Darby himself died in 1882. This current e-text reflects the even more recent Guildford/London edition of 1961.
Basic Bible in English [BBE] - Basic English, produced by Mr. C. K. Ogden of the Orthological Institute, is a simple form of the English language which with 850 words, is able to give the sense of anything, which may be said in English. By the addition of 50 Special Bible words and the use of 100 words listed as giving most help in the reading of English verse, this number has been increased to 1000 for the purpose of putting the Bible into Basic English.
Revised Standard Version [RSV]  - The RSV is an authorized revision of the American Standard Version, published in 1901, which was a revision of the King James Version, published in 1611.
Young's Literal Translation [YLT] - The Bible text designated YLT is from the 1898 Young's Literal Translation by Robert Young who also compiled Young's Analytical Concordance. This is an extremely literal translation that attempts to preserve the tense and word usage as found in the original Greek and Hebrew writings. The text was scanned from a reprint of the 1898 edition as published by Baker Book House, Grand Rapids Michigan. The book is still in print and may be ordered from Baker Book House. Obvious errors in spelling or inconsistent spellings of the same word were corrected in the computer edition of the text.
Weymouth New Testament Translation - Weymouth New Testament in Modern Speech.
Webster's Bible English - In 1833 Noah Webster, who had mastered 20 languages including Hebrew and Greek, published the King James Authorized Version "with amendments to the language".
Word English Bible [WEB] - The WEB Bible as it might appear by the name is being translated specifically for the purpose of being distributed over the WEB.
Peoples New Testament [PNT ] - The Revised Version By B. W. Johnson author of "a vision of the ages," "commentary on John," "international lesson commentary," etc.
Matthew Henry's Commentary [MHC]
Easton's Bible Dictionary
Names in the Bible - Biblical Characters and accounts of their lives
Jewish Publication Society [JPS] - The Hebrew Bible in English according to the Jewish Publication Society 1917 Edition
Wycliff New Testament - John Wycliffe defied the clergy. He translated the first English Bible and recruited travelling preachers, called Lollards to spread God's Word in English
Greek New Testament
Greek New Testament [Nestle-Aland 26th Edition] - This text is based on the basic Greek text underlying most modern English translations since 1881.
Greek New Testament [Stephanos-1550] - Stephanus (Robert Etienne's) 1550 edition, being an early and well-known Textus Receptus.
Greek New Testament (Scrivener-1894) - Scrivener's 1894 edition, an attempt to reconstruct the Greek Vorlage for the King James Version New Testament.
Greek Olk Testament (Septuagint/LLX)
Modern Greek
Wescott-Hort New Testament - Greek
Hebrew - Transliterated Hebrew
Modern Spanish
Spanish Reina Valera Bible - La Biblia Reina Valera La Biblia de las Americas Translated by the Lockman Fouundation
Spanish Reina Valera Bible - Spanish Reina Valera Bible 1909 Version
Spanish Sagradas Escrituras
French Darby Bible - Darby's Holy Scriptures, A New Translation from the Original Languages was published originally in two parts; the New Testament (1884) and the New Testament (1890). These are English translations of a collation done on his earlier German and French translations. Both are posthumous, as John Nelson Darby himself died in 1882. This currennt e-text reflects the even more recent Guildford/London edition of 1961.
French Louis Segond Bible
Latin Bulgate - The Latin Vulgate was translated by Jerome (c. 347-420), who began his work in 382. In 386 he moved to Bethelhem and worked on the Old Testament. He began using the Greek LXX, but quickly decided to work directly from the Hebrew. In 405 the Old Testament, as well as the rest of the New Testament was completed. Due to older Latin Text in circulation, Jerome's work was not widely popular until the ninth century. The influence of Jerome's Bible was quite extensive. For instance, the first knowledge of the Bible in the British Isles was from the Vulgate.
John Wesley's Bible Notes
Map Pack #1 - Maps and Archaeological findings of Biblical interest (40 maps in map Pack 1-3)
Map Pack #2
Map Pack #3

Bible Key

BibleKey Sermon Outlines v2.1 - The BibleKey Sermon Outlines application allows the user to index and retrieve any type of notes or sermon outlines related to specific Bible passages or theological topics.

Bible Key Add On Sermons


Alan Carr
David Malick
Duke Jeffries
J. David Hoke
Joe Kolkebeck
John Piper
Peninsula Bible Church
Personal Files
Ray Stedman
Roddy Chestnut

Bible Key Add On Versions

Greek NT
Young's Literal Translation

Bible Knowledge Accelerator

The Tabernacle / #014
Greek Language v5.7.96
Hebrew Language 3.27.96
Hebrew Torah Part 1 / #45
Incredible Bible v6.23.95
Jesus Christ v5.9.96
Maps / Supplement to bka4
NT Palestine / #50
Rome Part 1 / #40
Story of Bible 1 v8.30.95

Bible Versions

King James Bible of 1611 v2.2 - This is a great program you can read what was in the original KJV and compare it to your own bible.
KJV w/ Catholic - King James Old and New Testaments with Catholic/Orthodox Deuterocanon. Electronic Bible designed for Windows 98 or later [also runs under Windows 95/NT 4.0] - Requires Service Pack 2 (below)
KJV w/ Catholic service pack 2 for bible 98
New Testament (Envoy KJV Format) v1.04
Spanish Bible

Grace Notes

1st Peter
1st Samuel
1st Thessalonians
2nd Peter
2nd Samuel

Lamp Light Ministries

May 2000
November 2000
Christian Technology Program - October 1999
Scripture Memory Coach v2.0
Lamp Ministries Publication

Kid's Lamp

lightbulbclear.gif (10381 bytes)

August 97
December 97
September 97
Teaching Publication

April 96
April 97
April 98
August 96
August 97
August 98
December 95
December 96
December 97
December 98
February 96
February 97
February 98
February 99
January 96
January 97
January 98
January 99
July 96
July 97
July 98
June 96
June 97
June 98
March 96
March 97
March 98
May 96
May 97
May 98
November 96
November 97
November 98
October 95
October 96
October 97
October 98
September 96
November 95

On Line Bible for Windows

Click Here For Screen Shots and Helpful Descriptions

BibleOnLine1.jpg (23324 bytes)

On Line Bible v1.11 - Contains the Online Bible Millennium Edition 1.13 with Authorized Version Bible [KJV], American Standard Version [ASV], Interlinear Greek NT, Greek Septuagint Version, English translation of the Greek Septuagint, Unaccented Modern Greek Text, Easton's Dictionary, Greek - English Lexicon, Hebrew - English Lexicon, Original Strong's Lexicon, The Revised and Expanded Answers Book, Chronology

On Line Bible Manual

Manual - Version 8 in Acrobat Reader Format

On Line Bible Add On Commentaries &Notes

B. W. Johnson's Peoples New Testament Commentary
Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary
1599 Geneva Notes
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge Cross References and Notes
1917 Scofield Notes
Barnes New Testament
C. H. Spurgeon  - Treasury of David - Commentary on the Psalms
Family New Testament Notes
Jamieson, Fausset, Brown Commentary
Newell on Romans

On Line Bible Add On Books, Dictionaries &Lexicons

The Revised and Expanded Answers Book - The 20 most-asked questions about creation, evolution, and the book of Genesis answered. - [installed with program]
Augustine - Confessions
Pilgrims Progress - John Bunyan
Revised Easton's Bible Dictionary - [installed with program]
Thompson Chain Topics
Torry's New Topical Textbook
Strong's Original Lexicons - [installed with program]
Ontario Third School Reader
Catechisms and Confessions
Chronology by Barnes - A chronological table by Barnes of the principal events occurring in Judea, and the corresponding events in the Roman Empire, for the conquest of Judea by Pompeii to the destruction of Jerusalem by Titus. - [installed with program]
Charles Haydon Spurgeon - Commenting on Commentaries
Saving Faith
A. W. Pink - Sovereignty of God
C. D. Cole - The Biblical Doctrine of Election
The Evolution Quote Book - Published by creation science foundation
The Holy War - John Bunyan
The Hope of Israel
A. Edersheim - The Temple
Children's Bible Stories - Various Bible stories with pictures. Designed for children of all ages
John Gill - Dissertation of Hebrew Vowels
A Token of Children - A book narrating the testimonies of dying children
ABC's of Archaeology - Dr. Clifford Wilson - Archaeology ... the Bible and Christ. A Survey presented by Dr. Clifford Wilson
Antidote of Aminiamism - or a Treatise to Enervate and Confute all the Five Points of it. - Christopher Ness
Bible Prefaces - Introductions to various Bible Versions
John Gill - Body of Divinity
C. D. Cole - Definition of Doctrine
Documentation Greek and Hebrew Bibles
Facts of Life - Dr. Gray Parker - Evidence of Creation; Darwin; Fossil Evidence
John Bunyan - Grace Abounding
Greek - English Lexicon Linked to Strongs - [installed with program]
Hebrew - English Lexicon Linked to Strongs - [installed with program]
History of Ontario
Larry Hannigan - I Want the Earth
McGuffey's Fifth Eclectic Reader
McGuffey's First Eclectic Reader
McGuffey's Fourth Eclectic Reader
McGuffey's Second Eclectic Reader
McGuffey's Premire Eclectic Reader
McGuffey's Third Eclectic Reader
McGuffey's Sixth Eclectic Reader
Charles Haydon Spurgeon - Morning and Evening
R. A. Torrey - New Topical Text Book
Ontario Fifth School Reader (Gage)
Ontario Fifth School Reader
Ontario First School Reader
Ontario Fourth School Reader

On Line Bible Add On Bible Versions

1976 Authorized King James with Strongs #'s - [installed with program]
1833 Websters Edition of the KJV - The Holy Bible containing the Old and New Testaments, in the common Version. With amendments of the language by Noah Webster LL.D. 1833
1912 Weymouth New Testament
1901 American Standard Version [ASV] - [installed with program]
1917 Jewish Publication Society Old Testament
1969 Bible in Basic English - Was printed in 1965 by Cambridge press in England
Revised 1833 Webster Version [1995]
Young's Literal Translation [YLT] - The Holy Bible by J. N. Young 1862m 1898
Darby - A literal translation of the Old Testament [1890] and New Testament [1884] by John Nelson Darby
1899 Douay Rheims Apocrypha
1899 Douay Rheims Version
Greek Septuagint Version - [installed with program]
English translation of the Greek Septuagint - by Sir Lancelot Charles Lee Brenton, originally published in 1851 - [installed with program]
Emphasized Bible 1902 - by J. B. Rotherham, originally published by Samuel Bagster and Sons in 1902
Jerome's 405 A.D. Latin Volgate
Jerome's 405 A.D. Latin Volgate Apocrypha
Unaccented Modern Greed Text - [installed with program]
Oxfort Apocrypha
Interlinear Greek New Testament - Keyed to Strong's 1894 Scrivener Textus Receptus - [installed with program]

Screen Savers

Animals with Bible Verses
Bible 3 - Bible Quotes
Bible Inspirations v1.0
Bible Verses
Bible Verses - Look around -- the world is full of God's majesty. If you don't see it around you, take a look at the world's most majestic sights in this freeware 32-bit screen saver. It cycles over 40 photographs of some of the best looking places on earth. Each photo is accompanied by a Bible verse.  Several options are available, including setting the duration between images, using up to 23 special transition effects, showing the images full screen or original size, and taking advantage of Microsoft Plus!
Bible Verses v2.3 - A "blip" by defintion is a spot of light on a radar screen. A "Bible Blip" is by my definition a spot of "light" (from the Bible) on a computer screen.  When the screen saver is activated it will display one of 356 random Bible verses. The verse will float around the screen while colorful swirls are drawn behind it. Periodically the verse and the color of the verse will change.
Christian Spectacular 2.49b (78 pictures)
Easter Glory v2.46
First Light - The Christmas Story
Flying Crosses
Footprints in the Sand
From The Word v2.49
God's Eternal Purpose v1.0 with 26 Photos
God's Sunsets - God has created a lot of gorgeous things in this world, and sunsets would have to rate in the Top 5. So, this freeware 32-bit screen saver cycles 20 photographs of some of the Lord's "best work." Each photo is accompanied by a Bible verse. Several options are available, including setting the duration between images, using up to 23 special transition effects, showing the images full screen or original size, and Microsoft Plus!
Harvest of the Lord v2.46
In The Bible (English & Spanish)
Jesus Saves v3.14.98
John 3:16
Lords Prayer
Matthew 14:24-33 - 640pix
Matthew 14:32-33 - 800pix
My Devotion - MS Agent Characters Read Quotes
Psalmist v2.49
Psalms 23 KJV
Psalms 23 NIV
Psalms 23 v1.0.5.2553
Randomly Selected Bible Verses
Scripture Verses
Scriptures from Isaiah
Swimming Ichtus v3.14.98
Ten Commandments v3.0
Throne - Animated Psalms 45:6
Toonfever #1 - 15 Cartoons of Church Life
Vision Art & Verses #1 - Illustrated Scripture
Original Visions a Tribute to Christ
Windows Into Heaven v1.0 -Windows Into Heaven is a screen saver  containing over 25 religious icons, which walk  you through the Bible, from the creation of the  world, to the ascension of Christ. Each    beautiful icon appears with a caption and   accompanying Bible verse. Whether you are a Christian looking for a spiritual screen saver, or a fan of traditional Byzantine art, this screen saver will truly give you a Window Into Heaven!


Easter Love
Ever Present God
He is Risen
Heavenly Armour
Not Just for Christmas
Redeeming Blood
Victorious Cross
Wonderful Light


Click Here For Screen Shots and Helpful Descriptions

TheopBible.jpg (19744 bytes)

Theophilos v3.0 - This program has a very unique search capability - Just type in any string of words i.e. "of name Jesus" and any where those 3 words are in a verse, those verses will be displayed.

This is especially helpful when you are not clear as to the exact wording of a verse.

This is the only program I am aware of that does this kind of search.

Theophilos Add On Utilities

Help File for Theophilos v3.0 - User's Manual
Scribe for Adding Programs - (unregistered) - With Scribe for Theophilos you will be able to create an unlimited number of dictionaries, commentaries, writing, topic books or note sets from the you already have in your word processor or from some other source. Once the module is created all you will have to do is copy it to the Theophilos program folder and restart Theophilos! Your module will then be accessible from the menu and ready to be used as any other add-on in Theophilos.
Scribe Toolbar v2.0 - This add-in template for MS Word 97/2000 will assist you in formatting the documents for Theophilos 3.0 in MS Word word processor with many automated features. Highly recommended if you author your own documents for Theophilos!
Scribe Tutorial

Theophilos Add On Charts

King Saul and the Lineage of Benjamin
Kings of the Divided Kingdom I
Kings of the Divided Kingdom II
Kings of the Divided Kingdom III
Lineage in Babylon and the Return to Jerusalem
Lineage of Asher and Joseph
Lineage of Esau ? Edom
Lineage of Issachar and Reuben
Lineage of Judah
Lineage of King David
Lineage of Levi
Lineage of our Christ Jesus
Patriarch Lineage Abraham through Joseph
Patriarch Lineage in Egypt
Patriarch Lineage Noah through Jacob
Patriarch Lineage Adam Through Peleg (The 1st 15 Generations of Man)
The Priestly Line of Levi

Theophilos Add On Commentaries & Notes

A. T. Robertson - Robertson's Word Pictures in the New Testament
Galatians, Ephesians, Colossians, Philippians
Gospels & Acts
I Corinthians
I Timothy
II Timothy
James, Peter, Jude
Ruth, Haggai, & Habakkuk

Theophilos Add On Dictionaries & Topics

Nave's Topical Bible - Nave's Topics were originally produced by Orville J. Nave, A.M., D.D., LL.D. while serving as a Chaplain in the United States Army. The title page states that this work consists of 20.000 + topics and subtopics, and 100,000 references tot he Scriptures.
Apocrypha - Oxford Press Apocrypha
Evangelical Bible College - Evangelical Bible College of Western Australia Bible Topics
Hitchcocks Bible Names - Explains meanings of over 2,000 Bible names
Scofield Index - A companion Theophilos Add-On Module to the Scofield Notes Add-On Module
Thompson's Study Topics
Torrey's Topical Text - The New Topical Textbook 20,000 topics and Sub-Topics, 30,000 Bible References, Methods of Bible Study, Fundamental Doctrines Outline By R. A. Torrey
I Will Word Study - All of the I will's of God in the Old Testament

Theophilos Add On Jumplists

An Overview of the Healing Ministry of Jesus
Healing Ministry of the Disciples
His Precious & Magnificent Promises
List of New Testament Text on Soul, Death, and Hell
Music & Worship in the Bible
Verses that Contain Reference to the Trinity
Verses that Reference Various People & Places in the Bible

Theophilos Add On Language Plugins

Czech / Kralicka Bible
Romanian / Versiunea Dumitru Cornilescu / Silvian Guranda
Russian Synodal Vladimar Tereshko

Theophilos Writing Add Ons

Alfred Edersheim - Life and Time of Jesus the Messiah Volume 1
Andrew Murray - Absolute Surrender
Andrew Murray - Deeper Life
Andrew Murray - The Lord's Table
Arthur W. Pink - Comfort For Christians
Aurelius Augustine - On The Trinity
Brother Lawrence - The Practice of the Presence of God
C. H. Spurgeon - All of Grace
C. H. Spurgeon - Till He Come
Charles G. Finney
Charles G. Finney - Systematic Theology
Charles H. Spurgeon
Charles H. Spurgeon - Spurgeons Morning & Evening
Confessions of St. Augustine
Daily Bible Reading Schedule
Dedicatory Epistle
Desiderius Erasmus - In Praise of Folly
Edward M. Bounds - Possibility of Prayer
Edward M. Bounds - Power Through Prayer
Edward M. Bounds - The Necessity of Prayer
Flavius Josephus - Autobiography
Flavius Josephus - The Antiquities of the Jews from Creation to A.D.66
Gilbert K. Chesterton
Handbook of Early Church Order
Holmer's the lliad & the Odyssey
Isaac Penington
Hideo Kawachi - It is Finished Part I
Hideo Kawachi - It is Finished Part II
John Bunyan
John Bunyan
John Bunyan
John Bunyan
John Bunyan
John Bunyan
John Calvin - Preface to Commentary on Genesis
John Calvin - The Institute of the Christian Religion
John Fox - Fox's Book of Martyrs
John Nelson Darby - A Just God and Savior
Jonathan Edwards - Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God - Preached at Enfield, July 8th, 1741, at a time of great awakenings; and attended with remarkable impressions on many of the hearers.
Josephus - Against Appion
Josephus - Discourse to Greeks Concerning Hades
Martin Luther - Enemies of the Cross
Old Testament Prophetical
Passover for Messianic (Christians)
Peter Abelard - Historia Calamitatum
Poem - Francis Thompson
Richard A. Palmer - Poem
Poetical Books
Preface to Original 1611 King James Bible
Prophets of Restoration
Recommend Preacher's Library
Richard Baxter - The Saints Everlasting Rest
Richard Hayes - Did God Create Evil? - Have you ever thought where evil came from? Do you believe God created evil or do you think it is something that we develop because of freewill? Why is there such a thing as evil? Do you believe evil spirits existed and still exist today?
Richard Hayes - The Proper Name of God in the Old Testament
Richard Hays
Richard Hays
Richard Hays - Idolatry through a Character Study of Abraham
Richard Hays - Addendum to the Passover of Days of Unleavened Bread
Richard Hays - Feast Days
Richard Hays - Poem - If Animals Could Talk
Richard Hays - Poem - Men do Cry
Richard Hays - Sons of God
Richard Hays - The Crucifixion
Richard Hays - The Holy Spirit
Richard Hays - The Sabbath
Richard Hays - Tongues Question
Richard Hays - Truth of God
Salvation is of the Lord - This tract presents the Gospel of Christ clearly and without the modern compromises of our day. We pray that it will have wide use. May God bless the spreading of His Word.
St. Anselm of Canterbury 1033-1109
St. Patricks - Creed of the Trinity
The Babylonian Epic of Creation
Edward F. Hills - The KJV Defended
The Purpose and Goal of Discipline
The Ten Lost Tribes of Israel
Thomas Watson
Trinity One not Three
War of the Jews
Westminster Confession
William Reid - The Blood of Jesus
Catechism of Westminster
Declaration of Faith-Quaker 1877 - A conference of 95 delegates appointed by 12 friends (Quaker) yearly meetings representing the Orthodox branch of friends across the world met in Richmond, Indiana in September 1887. This conference issued a Declaration of Faith, which has been widely used by Orthodox friends ever since.
Richard Hays - Evolution or Creation
Hobart E. Freman - Angels of Light - Scriptural evidence concerning the evil power behind the occult
Articles of Augustine
Moreno Dal Bello - Atonement for Whom
AV 1611 Preface - Preface to Original 1611 King James Bible
John Owen 1616-1683 - A Declaration of the Mystery of the Person Of Christ
John Knox (1505-1572) - Common Faith - A Former Priest Turned Reformer
Gospel NIV
Heresy in the Early Church
Alfred Edersheim (1825-1889) - Jewish Social Life
John Flavel (1630-1697) - Keeping the Heart
New Hampshire Baptist Convention 1833
New Hampshire Baptist Convention 1853
John Owen - On the Mortification of Sin in Believers
Gregory Boyd & William Hasker - Open Theism
Richard Hayes - True God
Early Church Fathers - Volume 1 - The Ante-Nicene Fathers
Yahweh's True Jesus - A Scriptural Picture of the Lord Jesus Christ
Aeosop's Fables
Anselm (1033-1109) - Why God became a man
Aristotle - Many works including On the Soul, On Youth and Old Age, On Life and on Death, On Breathing, On the Heavens, On Prophesying by Dreams and much more...
Martin Luther - Galatians
Martin Luther
Martin Luther - Large Catechism
Martin Luther - Small Catechism
C. Bouwman - Prayer
J. L. Mackay - The New Testament Sabbath
K. Schilder - Doctrine of the Covenant
A. Schouls - Covenant of Grace
Scot - Scots Confession
St. Francis Devout Life
William De Jong - Ten Commandments
Martin Luther - Table Talk
J. Kamphuis - Notes on the Westminster Confession
The Shorter Catechism
Oneness Pentecostalism Refuted
Plato - Many Works of Plato

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